How to Use Your Game Night Kit

The goal of the Game Night Kit is to serve as a flexible set of tools that you can use to build an event that will excite and engage your players. You are welcome to use the contents however you see fit, but here are a few ideas for how you might use them:

Run a Single Day Tournament

One straightforward way to use your Game Night Kit is to run a single day tournament.

Each Living Card Game® kit comes with enough alternative cards to distribute to players as participation prizes. Additionally, each kit includes more exclusive cards that make great prizes for the winner and finalist. Finally, each kit includes a single playmat, which makes a great prize for the winner of the tournament.

The X-Wing™ Game Night Kit includes alternative art cards, as well as a set of stress tokens and a champion medal for your store's local champion.

Start Up a League in Your Store

Another great way to get players involved is by running a league. In a league, players compete over the course of a week or series of weeks, earning rewards and prizes at the end. You can record players’ progress and give a special, individual prize to the winner. The other prizes included in your Game Night Kit can be awarded as participation prizes, door prizes, or as rewards for accomplishing league-specific goals (e.g. winning five games, creating thematic plays, or bringing a new player).

Host a New Players’ Demo Night

Invite players to bring their friends for a demo night! Give participants prizes for participating in demos, reward volunteers for demoing games, and use the bigger prizes as a reward for the organizer or as door prizes.

Support Casual Gaming

The contents of your Game Night Kit can be a good source of materials for casual events. Use them as door prizes, raffle them, or add them as rewards in an ongoing campaign. With a Game Night Kit, the possibilities are endless!

How do you use your Game Night Kits? We would love to hear how you use the content of your Game Night Kits. If you have ideas, you can share them by emailing us at [email protected].

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