Fantasy Flight Games is committed to making its products available through the finest retail and distribution trade partners around the world. In addition to supplying the trade with its products, FFG aims to offer a high degree of support and resources to ensure our partners can be successful. Below if a list of the various products and services that are available to our trade partners.

Product Categories

Standard Products

Fantasy Flight Games produces a wide variety of products in a wide variety of genres. FFG makes board games set in original worlds, based on popular licenses and re-invigorated classics. FFG’s catalog also includes role-playing games, card games, miniature games, our innovative Living Card Game line, fiction set in fan-favorite worlds, and a supply line with everything needed to get the most out of our games. All of these make up our standard products and will be sold to retailers and distributors at Fantasy Flight Games’ full trade discount. 

Fantasy Flight Collectors and Premium Products

Collectors Products are limited edition, super-premium versions of our games. These top of the line products are true keepsakes and are highly sought after by game collectors. The Deathwatch Collectors edition is a great example of a Collectors Product.

Premium Products include deluxe editions of our games as well as premium add-ons for our standard games. They are not limited to single print runs nor are they widely available through distribution channels. The Arkham Horror Investigators miniatures are an excellent example of a Premium Product.

Print on Demand Products

Print on Demand (POD) Products feel like regular FFG expansions, but are always available in a constantly expanding line of products. The Print on Demand process allows FFG to develop and expand upon products that might not normally be considered for a standard release. The Death Angel Space Marine and Mission packs are examples of our Print on Demand Products.

Ordering Products

Retailers around the world interested in carrying Fantasy Flight Games products can either order directly from FFG or buy from one of our distribution partners.


Here is a full list of FFG's distribution partners around the world.


Fantasy Flight Games offers retailers the following services:

  • Trade discount on most FFG product (see below for exceptions)
  • Free domestic shipping on qualifying purchases
  • Access to our demo game program
  • Ordering on our convenient B2B ordering website
  • Quarterly organized play kits for many of our games
  • Access to the Fantasy Flight Media Center

Retailers interested in buying direct should contact Scott Clifton at [email protected] or 651-639-1905 x112.

International retailers interested in buying direct should contact Andrew Liberko at [email protected] or 651-639-1905 x112

Discount Terms by Product Category

Standard Products

Fantasy Flight Game’s normal discount applies to all Standard Products.

Collectors and Premium

These products are produced at at higher cost than our Standard Products. We are not able to offer our full trade discount off of these products. If a retailer or distributor wishes to special order these products, they are available at a reduced discount. Please contact your sales rep for more information.

Print on Demand

These products are available to retailers at the full trade discount, but orders must be placed in the following manner:

  • All orders for POD product must be placed on our B2B site
  • Orders for POD must be exclusively POD product. The order cannot contain any orders for Standard or Collectors product
  • Standard shipping terms apply to these orders

Distributors, please contact your sales rep for details about ordering POD products.


Orders of qualifying size will be shipped to retailers or distributors for free via UPS small pack. Large orders will be shipped LTL freight. Customers who will place large orders must be able to receive freight.

International customers are recommended to have a US freight forwarder. Qualifying orders will be shipped to freight forwarders free of charge. Alternatively, international orders can be shipped direct at the customer’s expense. Please contact your sales reps for quotes and details.

Please report any damages, defectives, overages, or shortages to your shipments following FFG’s Damages Policy. 

For specific questions about shipping or tracking, please contact either your sales rep or our Shipping Manager, Tony Doepner at [email protected] or 651-639-1905 x106 

Demo Game Program

The best marketing a retailer can do for a game is open up a copy and play it with a customer. Fantasy Flight Games is committed to helping our Brick-and-Mortar retailers offer great in-store demos. Demo copies of any of our core games (not expansions or supplements) are available at a greatly reduced price. Please contact your sales rep for more information about our demo game program.

B2B Site

The Business-to-Business (B2B) site offers exact inventory information to every tier of the wholesale customer base, as well as making the process of ordering FFG products more efficient and accessible at all hours of the day. Some products, like Print on Demand and organized play kits, can only be ordered on the B2B site.

More information about the B2B site can be found in our user’s guide

Organized Play

For select product lines, Fantasy Flight Games offers Organized Play programs so Brick-and-Mortar stores can run encourage regular game nights in their stores with one-of-a-kind prize support. Currently we offer Game Night Kits for our each of our Living Card Games and for the Dust Tactics Miniature Game. Orders for Game Night Kits must be placed on our B2B site. Please contact your sales rep with any questions, and visit the FFG Organized Play website for more information.

Media Center

The Fantasy Flight Media Center is an innovative and interactive tool that allows Brick-and-Mortar retailers to have FFG’s industry-leading video content on their store shelves. Visit the FF Media Center website for more information.

To apply for a Media Center, contact Scott Clifton: [email protected] or 651-639-1905 x112.

For Media Center Support, contact Mark Schmidt: [email protected].

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