Ryan Jones

2013 A Game of Thrones: The Card Game World Champion, Overall and Melee

“What is dead may never die, but rises again, harder and stronger.”
    –Aeron Damphair


Who is Ryan Jones?

Ryan Jones first began playing A Game of Thrones: The Card Game four years ago as a member of the rapidly-growing South California meta. Ryan played well at several major championships in the past, but always felt that he could do better. After a series of great performances in Regional Championships this year, Ryan claimed the Iron Throne at the 2013 FFG World Championship Weekend, leading his Holy-themed Greyjoy deck to victory and becoming the Overall World Champion, as well as the Melee World Champion.

  • A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Overall World Champion – 2013
  • A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Melee World Champion – 2013
  • A Game of Thrones: The Card Game World Championship Joust 7th – 2013
  • A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Oceanside Regional Champion – 2013
  • A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Pasadena Regional Championships Top 8 – 2013
  • A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Phoenix Regional Championships 5th – 2013
  • A Game of Thrones: The Card Game World Melee Championships 8th – 2012
  • A Game of Thrones: The Card Game North American Joust Championships 17th – 2012

In His Own Words:

I live in San Diego with my amazing, supportive wife Erin and our two Vizsla puppies. I've been a Software QA Tester for Sony for about four years, and I love my job. I work primarily on the PS3, PS4, and PSVita systems on games like Uncharted 3, LittleBigPlanet, and MLB The Show. Gaming takes up much of my free time as well; I play LCGs every Monday at our FLGS Game Empire, host a board game night at my house on Thursdays, and occasionally play heavier games like Battlestar Galactica or Through the Ages on the weekend. A Game of Thrones: The Card Game is truly the best game I've ever played, and I get to play with one of the best groups of people I've ever met. 

On the 2013 World Melee Championship:

At the final table in Melee, I had a very slow start. My slow start combined with Kyle's near win on the first turn, made me a non-threat for several turns. In Joust, slow starts can lose you the game, but I almost prefer them in Melee, as it takes the heat off of you. For the first few turns, I just made a throw-away challenge to get my draw from Longship Iron Victory, then passed.

One of my most important choices happened on the first plot of the game. Chad chose me for Summoning Season, and I grabbed Moqorro over my heavy-hitters. Asha or Victarion would have let me push hard early, but I was able to keep my small board alive with Moqorro, and he eventually won me the game when Bruno burnt the whole board on the last turn. As Moqorro was being discarded by the Thundering Calvary, Moqorro saved Asha from the same fate, preserving the two power on her while enabling her to later grab two more with Renown to win the game.

On House Greyjoy:

I don't usually stick to one faction in Joust, but I rarely steer away from Greyjoy in Melee. I love their ability to survive and fly under the radar until the last minute, using unopposed bonuses or non-kneeling to steal a win.

Preparing for Tournaments:

The San Diego meta meets once a week at our FLGS Game Empire to play most of the LCGs, but once regional season starts the focus is heavily on A Game of Thrones. We also occasionally meet on weekends leading up to big events for all-day testing sessions. During this year's Regional Championships season, I often tested with my buddy James Speck, who made the Top 16 in Joust at Worlds this year. I'll also bug John Bruno for advice as well, since someone told me he was decent at the game. 

Ryan Jones's 2013 Melee World Champion Deck

House: Greyjoy
Agenda: House of Dreams
Restricted Card: Asha Greyjoy

Plots (7): Focused Offense, King’s Landing Coup, Many Powers Long Asleep, The Power of Faith (x2), Take Them by Surprise, Valar Morghulis

Characters (29): Aeron Damphair (x3), Alannys Greyjoy, Asha Greyjoy (x3), Damphair’s Drowned (x3), Drowned Disciple (x3), High Septon, Maester Kerwin, Maester Wendamyr, Moqorro (x2), Priest of the Drowned God (x2), Stowaway (x3), Tarle the Thrice-Drowned, The Reader, Thoros of Myr, Victarion Greyjoy (x3)

Locations (19): Bay of Ice (x3), Bloody Keep (x2), Longship Iron Victory, River Row, Shadowblack Lane, Street of Silk, Street of Sisters, Sunset Sea (x3), The Iron Cliffs (x3), The Iron Mines (x3)

Attachments (4): Kraken Tattoo (x3), Longclaw

Events (10): Confession (x2), Distinct Mastery (x3), Risen from the Sea (x2), To Be a Kraken (x3) 


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