Biao Yu

2013 A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Chinese Champion

"Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken."
   –House Martell

Who is Biao Yu?

Biao Yu is the 2013 A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Chinese National Champion. He first started playing in August 2012 and has quickly earned a place among the elite of the Chinese A Game of Thrones: The Card Game community, where he is also known by his nickname, “K.”
  • A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Chinese National Champion – 2013
  • A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Chinese National Championship, Top 16 – 2012

In His Own Words:

I was born in Jiangsu province, but now live in Shanghai. I'm an IT engineer, and I like video games. I first learned about A Game of Thrones from the HBO television program. I was attracted by the story. Then I searched the internet and learned there is an A Game of Thrones Living Card Game®. I found that it was a big LCG game, and I made a decision to try it. After several times playing, I fell in love with the game, and I have since come to know a lot of good friends because of A Game of Thrones: The Card Game. Now, I often play A Game of Thrones and Android: Netrunner with my friends in my spare time. Thanks for the good game, FFG, it makes my life more beautiful!

  From left to right: Runner-up YiMeng, Biao Yu, and Eric (3rd place)

On the 2013 Chinese National Championship Finals:

My opponent played a House Greyjoy “choke” deck, using their winter-based strategies to reduce my gold income and using To Be a Kraken (Sacred Bonds, 47) to cancel all kinds of triggers. Meanwhile, my strategy centered around adding Infamy to Beric Dondarrion (Illyrio’s Gift, 17) in a Martell Hollow Hill deck. Beric is good at surviving, and when he’s paired with infamy, my opponent can not get power from me. Knights of the Hollow Hill (Mountains of the Moon, 59) can supply an additional two gold and two influence which are both very important in this game.
In the first round, my opponent put both the White Raven (The Winds of Winter, 24) and Ice Fisherman (The Winds of Winter, 29) into play, so I could only play Beric. Second round, two Newly Made Lords (Tourney for the Hand, 16) discarded my two Summer Seas (Core Set, 134) which cut back on my influence, but I put Widow's Wail (Lions of the Rock, 1) on Beric to give him Infamy. Then my opponent started to rush for power. By the fifth round, he got all the way up to thirteen power, but at the same time, I finally built up four influence to play Westeros Bleeds (Core Set, 176). He played To Be a Kraken to cancel it, but I had fortunately drawn a Paper Shield (Queen of Dragons, 46). From then on, Beric showed his strength, and with The Prince That Was Promised (Illyrio’s Gift, 20), I won the game.

Biao Yu (right) in action during the finals against YiMeng (left)

Biao Yu's Championship Deck:

House: Martell
Agenda: Knights of the Hollow Hill
Plots (7)
Alliance, A Time For Ravens, The Power of Blood, The Prince That Was Promised, A Song of Summer, Summoning Season, Valar Morghulis
Events (24)
Blessed by the Maiden, Burning on the Sand (x3), Favorable Ground, The Hand’s Judgement, He Calls It Thinking (x3), Judged by the Father, Much and More (x3), Nightmares (x2), Paper Shield (x2), The Prince’s Plans (x2), Red Vengeance (x3), Westeros Bleeds (x2)
Locations (8)
Dornish Fiefdoms (x3), The Red Keep, Summer Sea (x3), Tyrosh
Characters (16)
Beric Dondarrion (x3), Flea Bottom Scavenger (x3), House Messenger (x3), Maester of Lemonwood, Red Warlock (x2), Stannis Baratheon (Valar Morghulis, 7), The Red Viper (Princes of the Sun, 1)(x3)
Attachments (12)
Black Raven (x2), Bodyguard, Devious Intentions (x3), Taste for Blood (x3), Widow’s Wail x3

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