Hello Game of Thronesers! 

Brett Zeiler here, your 2010 Melee World Champion.  I’ll go ahead and get the most important thing out of the way now, the decklist!  That way everyone who wants to can just read it and not bother with the report and my general thoughts on melee.

2x Island Refugee
3x Carrion Bird
3x Seaside Urchin
3x Harbor Thug
1x Maester Wendamyr
1x Wex Pyke
1x Nute the Barber
1x Asha Greyjoy
1x Dagmer Cleftjaw
3x Wintertime Maruaders
1x Theon Greyjoy (Seasons)
1x Randyll Tarly
1x Balon Greyjoy (KotS)
1x Victarion Greyjoy
3x Tarle the Thrice-Drowned
1x Island Mercenaries
3x Melisandre (Defenders)
3x Support of Harlaw
3x Risen from the Sea
3x Assertion of Might
3x Assault of the Kraken
2x Ahead of the Tide
3x Scouting Vessel
2x Longship Iron Victory
3x Gatehouse
3x Iron Island Fiefdoms
1x Aeron’s Chambers
3x Iron Mines
3x Sunset Sea

There are a few card choices that I added in/didn’t play, and I hope I go over all of them.  One of the big ones that people seem shocked that I don’t include is Make an Example.  The reason I don’t include it in the deck is because I feel that the card goes against what Greyjoy unopposed is trying to do.  Yes, it gets you a lot of power quickly (3 power can make or break the turn that you go for the win) but to me the deck is all about winning challenges with the least possible strength.  I don’t want to over-dedicate myself to a challenge I can already win just so that I can try to play another card to maybe get more power if my opponent doesn’t have an answer.  With stealth/intimidate/Scouting Vessels I want to be winning challenges with one or two characters tops so that I can save others for more challenges or defending challenges.  After all, what good is three more power on my house if I have to swing out to get it and leave myself defenseless against 3 power challenges from my opponents?  Also, look at how many events are already in that deck!  There was no way I was going to play any more as I was already uncomfortable with the number I had in.

Another card that people are shocked to see missing is White Raven.  In my deck I can make use of winter, but it is far from required.  Yes it is great to be able to abuse winter + Wintertime Marauders + Support of Harlaw, but there are several problems with that combo.  For one, I didn’t want to dedicate precious card slots in my deck to a season.  I feel that seasons are too difficult to pull off in melee as there are three players to mess with you as opposed to one.  After all, wouldn’t it suck to sit down with your uber-winter deck and see yourself facing off against three Kings of Summer agendas?  Not a common occurrence, but you never know what your opponents will be playing.  Also, playing a winter deck makes you unpopular at a melee table.  No one likes counting less gold, and melee is so much about making friends that you don’t want to make anyone at the table dislike you before you have to.  Lastly, of the two seasons I definitely see winter as the most popular.  So even though I didn’t play any White Ravens in my deck I felt confident that there would be at least a game or two in which an opponent made it winter and I could capitalize on it.

As far as odd cards out go, some people may look at Melisandre as peculiar.  But as soon as I saw the card I knew that she was Greyjoy printed on a Baratheon body.  Six gold (or 4 with Alliance revealed) is well worth the ability to get huge amounts of power fast.  Add in the fact that she has renown and an intrigue icon and she is perfect for this deck.  I personally would never consider building a Greyjoy unopposed deck without her.  She is seriously that good.

Lastly, Ahead of the Tide is a card that I haven’t seen a lot of talk about.  But to this deck going first some turns and going last others is extremely important.  And this is the only way that you can guarantee that you get to go exactly in the order that you want.  This card is incredibly solid and is another cornerstone of the deck.  I couldn’t imagine not playing it.

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