Jacob Pichelmeyer

2013 X-Wing North American Champion

"May the dice be with you."


Who is Jacob Pichelmeyer?

Jake Pichelmeyer first began playing X-Wing in late December, 2012, just eight months before the North American Championship at Gen Con Indy 2013. Jake quickly developed an affinity for the Galactic Empire and its swarm tactics. For Jake, successfully controlling a large swarm of TIE Fighters is both great fun and a great challenge. Jake took his Imperial squadrons to the stars at Gen Con this year, ultimately battling his way to the top and becoming the North American Champion!
  • X-Wing North American Champion – 2013
  • X-Wing Janesville, WI Regional Champion – 2013
  • X-Wing Roseville, MN Regional Championship, 4th – 2013
  • X-Wing Manitowoc, WI Regional Championship, 2nd – 2013
  • X-Wing Chicago Regional Championship, 2nd – 2013

In His Own Words:

In the professional world, I am a lecturer at several universities in Wisconsin, where I teach calculus to undergraduates. I am a former amateur boxer, boxing coach and Lindy Hop instructor.

On Preparing for Tournaments: 

To prepare for high-level events I like to play against random lists just to keep myself ready for whatever creative squadrons my opponents might come up with.

On the 2013 North American X-Wing Championships:

Two of the highlights of the North American Championship came after the Top 16 cut. Both matches were actually rematches of a sort. The last round before the cut to Top 16 I faced and lost to a dual YT-1300 list. Then the first round of the Top 16 I faced the exact same setup – with a different opponent – and won. That felt great.

The second highlight was an actual rematch, against Lyle Hayhurst, a player I had played against and lost to during a Regional Tournament in Chicago, IL. We had both flown nearly identical, seven ship TIE swarms in that tournament. I designed my North American Championship list with him specifically in mind. We faced off in the semi-finals and I won but it was a pleasure just to have a rematch with him. He’s very nice and his formation flying with TIE swarms is exceptional.

Jacob Pichelmeyer’s 2013 X-Wing North American Champion Squad List

Points: 98

Squad List:
TIE Fighter – "Howlrunner" – No upgrades
TIE Fighter – Dark Curse – No upgrades
TIE Fighter – "Backstabber" – No upgrades
TIE Fighter – Academy Pilot – No upgrades
TIE Fighter – Academy Pilot – No upgrades
TIE Fighter – Academy Pilot – No upgrades
TIE Fighter – Academy Pilot – No upgrades



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