Julian McPherson

2012 Dust Warfare World Champion

“I like flamethrowers.”

Who is Julian McPherson?

Julian McPherson has been an avid miniatures gamer and painter since the age of 13. He started playing Dust Warfare upon the game’s release and quickly built on the success he had enjoyed in other miniature games.

At the 2012 FFG World Championship Weekend, Julian McPherson conquered the field with his high-powered Allied army to win the inaugural Dust Warfare World Championship.

  • Dust Warfare World Champion – 2012

In His Own Words:

I’m 16 and have been playing miniature games since I was 13, but I actually enjoy the painting aspect of the hobby better. I am an avid video game player and stick to military simulators and modern shooters. I enjoy drawing, both digitally and physically, and reading – mainly science fiction. I like electronic music and dubstep.

When I play miniatures, I prefer fast but fragile armies with lots of firepower. I don’t really focus on winning; I find it’s more important to have a fun list and game.

On His Favorite Factions:

Aesthetically, I like the SSU. I love me some gas masks and helicopters! Big fan of Russian history, too.

For play, I prefer the Allies. I love moving fast, and combat up close is the most fun!

On Preparing for High-Level Events:

I usually plan my list about a month in advance, then practice like crazy against anything I can find. After each game, I talk with my opponent about what went wrong and what went right. I then revise my list if need be and just keep practicing!

Dust Warfare 2012 World Champion Julian McPherson accepts his trophy.

On the 2012 World Championship Finals:

The 2012 World Championship Finals was an all Allied affair as Julian competed against fellow Minnesotan, Chris Seefeld, for the World Championship.

Asked if any moments from the tournament stood out as highlights, Julian was quick to respond:

“Definitely during the third round! My opponent chose his critical position as a huge building in the middle of the board, and I had to burn him out of it because he had more units than I did.

“Another great moment was from the finals. My Fireball crashed through a crumbling building with a march move, shrugging off an Allied Cobra’s phasers to disgorge an angry BBQ Squad that then nuked the poor Cobra!”





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