Chaos in the Old World: The Horned Rat Expansion

Deep beneath the earth, a labyrinth of tunnels serves as the Under-Empire of the Skaven. These massive vermin are believed by most to be the subject of myth, but the unwitting masses of the Old World are about to learn that these sinister beasts are all too real.

The Horned Rat Expansion is the latest addition to the Chaos in the Old World board game. By adding a new dark power, rules to incorporate a fifth player, and new cards to enhance your experience, The Horned Rat Expansion delivers a whole new way for players to revel in the destruction of the Old World.

A Throng of Scavengers

The Skaven are a vile breed of creature, making their home in the subterranean depths beneath an unsuspecting populace. These foul man-beasts rabidly worship their god, the enigmatic Horned Rat, as they seek to appease him by corrupting the world from within. Now, as the four Ruinous Powers begin their contest for the fate of the Old World, the Children of the Horned Rat will emerge from their burrows in the hopes of profiting from man’s suffering.

Presenting a new option when selecting Ruinous Powers, the Horned Rat and his Skaven followers can compete to cause the ultimate downfall of the Old World. As opportunistic as they are numerous, the vile Skaven do not place corruption tokens like the other Ruinous Powers, preferring instead to scurry across the face of the Old World in search of areas already teetering on the brink of ruination. Only then do they muster the courage to arrive en masse, and once pristine lands are trampled beneath the clawed feet of their teeming, writhing masses.

What’s more, in their foul quest to spread suffering throughout the realms of man, the Skaven are ever alert for a chance to unite their smaller, fractured clans. Each time the Skaven player dominates a region that has one or more Skaven tokens, he can place a counter on his dial. This, along with a range of Chaos cards that increase the number of Skaven tokens in play, helps the Children of the Horned Rat in their sacred mission to blanket the Old World with their verminous throng.

Gifts for the Gods

The Horned Rat Expansion not only adds new material for the Skaven’s enigmatic god, but it also brings a host of never-before-seen options to all of the other Ruinous Powers from the Chaos in the Old World base game. Each Ruinous Power receives new decks of Chaos cards and upgrade cards, which together form the alternate “Morrslieb set.” These new decks can be used in place of the options from the base game, but in order to preserve the delicate balance present between each Ruinous Power, a game must either use the Morrslieb set or the base set, and players cannot mix and match these powers individually.

The result is a unique Chaos in the Old World experience in which players will find a wealth of new strategies and card interactions. Players of Khorne, for example, have traditionally relied on his dial advancement condition to carry them to victory. In the Morrslieb set, however, Khorne’s focus shifts toward Victory Points. By giving Khorne Chaos and upgrade cards that place a new emphasis on points, The Horned Rat Expansion brings players of Khorne exciting new gameplay options. Players of other Ruinous Powers will likewise find compelling new ways to play!

The Old World Resists

Ready for an even greater challenge?

The Horned Rat Expansion adds nine new expert-level Old World cards, used to create an even more challenging play environment. While these cards can simply be shuffled into your existing deck of Old World cards, experienced players can also choose to play the Realm of Chaos Variant, using a brutally difficult deck comprised only of expert Old World cards.

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