About Between the Shadows

“There will be no bargain, young Jedi. I shall enjoy watching you die.”
   –Jabba the Hutt, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Between the Shadows is the third deluxe expansion for Star Wars™: The Card Game, with twenty-six objective sets primarily featuring the Jedi and the Scum and Villainy of the galaxy. The Scum and Villainy use the shadows for undercover operations, while the Jedi hide to avoid the attention of the Sith, but every affiliation finds tricks to use in this expansion. Two unique fate cards bring powerful effects to edge battles as alternate versions of units like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Boba Fett mingle with units like the information dealer Talon Karrde or the fearsome starfighter Virago.

Keepers of the Flame

Every affiliation has a reason to conduct some business in the shadows. For the Jedi of the galaxy, darkness means anonymity, secrecy, security. The Jedi were nearly exterminated long before the Galactic Civil War, but the last remaining Jedi still move in secret in the desert wastes of Tatooine or the impassable swamps of Dagobah. The Jedi have maintained the fire of their commitment to the Force across many long years, but the last of the Jedi are united in their resolve to end the reign of the dark side over the galaxy.

The Jedi train in secret to draw upon the Force, and in the Between the Shadows deluxe expansion, they join together with one purpose. Other affiliations may aid the Jedi, but in the end, the Jedi are strongest when they stand together, reaping the benefits of units like Yoda (Between the Shadows, 639), who grows stronger for each Jedi objective you have in play. Alternatively, you can use your unified purpose to control your opponent with an objective like Following Fate (Between the Shadows, 643), which drastically reduces your opponent’s ability to play event cards.

Other powerful sets support well-known Jedi themes and introduce new ones. The Jedi find more powerful enhancements for key units, including I Am a Jedi (Between the Shadows, 637), which grants you more resources the more enhancements you have on one unit. In another objective set, the Jedi use the Force to gain the support of strange Creatures. By playing the event Life Creates It (Between the Shadows, 650), you may immediately return all Creature units and enhancements from your discard pile to play! No matter how the Jedi choose to work against the evil of the Empire, their commitment to the Force is constant and unchanging.

Life in a Hive

Others work in the shadows as well, not for the greater good, but for their own personal profit. In the spaces between the shadows, there’s good business to be done and good credits to be made. Boasting an assortment of bounty hunters, con men, mercenaries, and sociopaths, galactic scum operates everywhere, from beyond the Outer Rim to Imperial Center itself, whether they’re organized by the Black Sun crime syndicate or working freelance.

For the Scum and Villainy of the galaxy, Between the Shadows marks the rise of the Black Sun organization. Featuring a total of twenty-two cards bearing the Black Sun trait, the largest group of criminals in the galaxy is a force to be reckoned with. The light side will need to deal with a host of notorious Bounty Hunters, Mercenaries, and Black Sun operatives, including Zekka Thyne (Between the Shadows, 677), a murderous brawler capable of destroying every unit in play.

As the most dangerous collection of thugs and outlaws in the galaxy, Scum and Villainy gain a host of other new tricks, both inside and outside Black Sun. A new version of Boba Fett (Between the Shadows, 666) offers the Scum and Villainy unparalleled damage, whether directed at a unit or an objective. At the same time, the objective card, The Best That Credits Can Buy, (Between the Shadows, 679) has the potential to neutralize any Vehicle’s triggered ability. Whether you hunt for honor, for the thrill of the chase, or for the highest bidder, you’ll find your kind of scum in this deluxe expansion.

Undercover Operations

The Jedi and the Scum and Villainy may be the affiliations most identified with stealth and hiding, but every affiliation has need for some undercover operations from time to time. The Imperial Navy, Sith, Rebel Alliance, and Smuggler and Spies affiliations each receive one objective set in Between the Shadows, exemplifying some of each affiliation’s more secretive endeavors.

Smugglers and Spies, for example, receive the Dirty Secrets (Between the Shadows, 663) enhancement. By enhancing an objective with this card, you may blank the printed text of that objective, allowing you to neutralize your opponent’s most troublesome objective. Meanwhile, the Imperial Navy may discover that dealing with the TaggeCo megacorporation is the best way to outfit their Troopers. The Family Connections (Between the Shadows, 693) objective allows you to place one shield of each of your Trooper units after you refresh, granting them much greater defense against damage and enemy tactics. Whichever affiliation you prefer to play, you’ll find powerful objectives within the Between the Shadows expansion.

Waiting in the Shadows

The Between the Shadows deluxe expansion offers up twenty-six new objective sets spanning all six affiliations, with two copies apiece of twelve unique objective sets and one copy each of two “Limit 1 per objective deck” sets. Meet with those who make the darkness their home and venture Between the Shadows!

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