Journey to Black Fire Pass

For years the treacherous orcs have sat upon the ruined throne of Karak Drazh, desecrating this once-mighty dwarf hold and defiling its legacy. Many dwarfs have died trying to rid The Black Crag, as it has come to be known, from the clutches of the greenskins. But alas, the orcs have endured every attempt by the dwarfs to retake control of Black Fire Pass. Yet recent developments in the depths of Karak Azgaraz are about to rekindle the flames of an ancient feud...

Journey to Black Fire Pass is an exciting new event for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Participating with retailers (retailers: apply before June 25th to participate) across the country, Fantasy Flight Games invites you to explore the perilous realm of Black Fire Pass. Infested with wretched greenskins and beastmen, this mountainous region is known to all dwarfs, and they long to reclaim their ancestral land.

In light of the success of last year's Emperor’s Decree event, many Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay fans are anxious to participate in similar events. With Journey to Black Fire Pass, not only do players that missed out on Emperor’s Decree have another chance to experience this revolutionary new roleplaying system, but attendees will also get the chance to play through a full adventure that serves as a prelude for an upcoming Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay product, as well as walk away with an advance copy of a new career!

Featuring a brand-new adventure and four pre-generated characters, Journey to Black Fire Pass serves as an introduction event as well as a preview event. The adventure puts the players into the roles of several dwarfs, setting out on an important quest to discover the fate of their friend and brother, Belkrum Thundrik. Their journey takes them into dangerous territory, where greenskins fester like a growing disease. Their quest will open up a new door to adventure, as well as set the scene for an upcoming Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay product!

Among the pre-generated characters for Journey to Black Fire Pass is a brand-new, previously unreleased career! This special preview career will currently only be available to those participating in Journey to Black Fire Pass. But fear not, this particular career is quite dangerous. Surely more job openings like it will sprout up around the Old World soon enough...

The Journey to Black Fire Pass event kit will be available for $40, and it will consist of:

• 1 copy of the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Core Set
• A Journey to Black Fire Pass poster and signup sheet
• 1 copy of the Journey to Black Fire Pass adventure booklet
• 10 copies of career sheets for the pre-generated characters (featuring an all-new career)

If you’re a retailer interested in hosting Journey to Black Fire Pass at your store, fill out our online application by June 25th and visit the information page to find out how your store can be featured on our site!

Whether you’re a new player looking to try out this new way to experience roleplaying games, or you’re a current Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay fan seeking to catch a glimpse of a future product and get your hands on an all-new career, Journey to Black Fire Pass is the event for you!

Journey to Black Fire Pass

July 23rd, 24th, and 25th, 2010

Encourage your local retailer to participate! Retailers: want to take part? Fill out our online application by June 25th, then visit our information page to find out how your store can be featured on our site!

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