About the Android: Netrunner Plugged-in Tour

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Plug in at an event near you!

The Plugged-in Tour is an special North American tournament tour, and it’s your opportunity to cast a vote for the future of the game!

From October 4th to November 3rd, Fantasy Flight Games is sponsoring thirty-one Android: Netrunner tournaments at thirty-one different North American locations throughout the United States and Canada. Tournament attendees earn the opportunity to vote for one of two new Runner identities. At the end of the tour, the winning identity will enter the game; the other will be discarded and forever derezzed. Which will it be? You decide.

Plugged-in Tournaments

Divided between seventeen states and one province, the thirty-one tournaments of the Plugged-in Tour offer more than a chance to vote for your favorite Runner identity. They provide you an opportunity to run closer to the core of the game.

Fantasy Flight Games staff will personally attend every single one of these events, running demos, overseeing the competition, handing out custom prizes, cyberdueling against all challengers, and posting daily updates with photos and tournament reports.


  • Each participant in the Plugged-in Tour tournaments will walk away with an alternate art version of the criminal identity, Gabriel Santiago.
  • The Top 8 players at each tournament will win a custom, commemorative playmat.
  • Finally, you want bragging rights? The top two players at of each of these thirty-one Plugged-in Tour tournaments will walk away with a sleek, new saddle bag to carry his decks and deck boxes hands-free. These bags are exclusive to the event, meaning the Plugged-in Tour is your only shot at this exclusive game accessory!

The Runners

Despite the fantastic prizes at stake, the highlight of each Plugged-in Tour tournament is the opportunity to cast your vote for a new Runner identity. One will become the next big thing, and the other will become an inoperable file, forever adrift among the network’s ambient static.

Event Schedule

We're plugging into the following cities and locations. 

For more details about any of the Plugged-in Tour events, please contact the venue.

Oct 4 Myriad Games - Manchester Manchester, NH [email protected]
Oct 5 Pastimes Niles, IL [email protected]
Oct 5 Zombie Planet Albany, NY [email protected]
Oct 6 Chicagoland Games Dice Dojo Chicago, IL [email protected]
Oct 6 Pandemonium Books & Games Cambridge, MA [email protected]
Oct 10 Rainy Day Games Aloha, OR [email protected]
Oct 10 Snakes & Lattes Toronto, ON [email protected]
Oct 11 Games and Stuff Glen Burnie, MD [email protected]
Oct 11 Uncle’s Games Redmond, WA [email protected]
Oct 11 Hairy Tarantula (North) Toronto, ON [email protected]
Oct 12 Jester’s Playhouse Northfield, NJ [email protected]
Oct 12 Card Kingdom Seattle, WA [email protected]
Oct 13 All Things Fun West Berlin, NJ [email protected]
Oct 18 I’m Board! Games & Family Fun Middleton, WI [email protected]
Oct 19 The Compleat Strategist New York, NY [email protected]
Oct 19 Gnome Games Green Bay, WI [email protected]
Oct 20 Kings Games Brooklyn, NY [email protected]
Oct 20 Petrie's Family Games Colorado Springs, CO [email protected]
Oct 20 The Board Game Barrister Greenfield, WI Contact on website
Oct 25 Little Shop of Magic Las Vegas, NV [email protected]
Oct 26 Coliseum of Comics - Fashion Square Mall Orlando, FL [email protected]
Oct 26 Game Empire Pasadena Pasadena, CA [email protected]
Oct 26 Gamescape North San Rafael, CA [email protected]
Oct 27 Brookhurst Hobbies Garden Grove, CA [email protected]
Oct 27 Gator Games & Hobbies San Mateo, CA [email protected]
Oct 27 Wasteland Gaming Duluth, GA [email protected]
Oct 31 The Covenant Store Tulsa, OK Contact on website
Nov 1 Lone Star Comics - Arlington Arlington, TX [email protected]
Nov 2 Fantasy Flight Games Center Roseville, MN [email protected]
Nov 2 Dragon’s Lair Austin, TX Contact on website
Nov 3 Dragon’s Lair San Antonio, TX Contact on website

Are Three Brains Better Than One?

Only one of these two new Runner identities will survive, so come, plug-in, and cast your vote!

Before you plug-in, be sure to download the latest FAQ and tournament rules documents:

Android: Netrunner FAQ (pdf, 9.6 MB)

Android: Netrunner Tournament Rules (pdf, 4.2 MB)

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