Star Wars: The Card Game - Balance of the Force

Expand your Star Wars: The Card Game universe!

  • 1 dark side challenge deck, Jerjerrod’s Task
  • 1 light side challenge deck, The Hunt for Skywalker
  • 6 new objective sets for play in any format
  • 1 multiplayer Death Star dial

A single copy of Balance of the Force contains a complete playset of each new card!

“I assure you we are quite safe from your friends here.”
    –Emperor Palpatine, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Balance of the Force is a deluxe expansion of 154 cards that adds two multiplayer formats to Star Wars™: The Card Game, as well as new objective sets for each of the game’s six affiliations.

Combined with the game’s Core Set, Balance of the Force allows players to pair up for two-versus-two competitions or play games in which up to three players can join forces against one of the expansion’s two challenge decks, Jerjerrod’s Task and The Hunt for Skywalker.

The expansion also introduces a new objective set for each of the game’s six affiliations. These objective sets are legal for play in any format, multiplayer or head-to-head. In the game’s multiplayer formats, they promote rich teamwork. In head-to-head play, you can use them to enhance your existing strategies and decks.

Two Versus Two

Just as the last remnants of the Jedi Order leant their strength to the cause of the Rebel Alliance, the two-versus-two format in Balance of the Force allows you to add your strength to that of your friend as you confront a pair of opponents.

In this format, the light side wins by destroying five total dark side objectives, and the dark side wins by advancing the multiplayer Death Star dial to “16.” With rules for team deck-building limits, team communication, supporting your teammate’s defense, and a new “common reserve,” Balance of the Force ensures that its multiplayer formats offer players plenty of opportunities to work together.

You’ll witness the vital contributions each of the light side’s affiliations make to the fight for freedom, and you’ll witness the ruthless manner in which the dark side’s affiliations combine their might to crush the last remnants of the Rebellion. Every combination of affiliations offers rich strategic and tactical possibilities, and the two-versus-two format allows each affiliation to shine as it plays to its strengths, supported in turn by the greatest strengths of its ally!

Challenge Decks

Balance of the Force also introduces two pre-built challenge decks, Jerjerrod’s Task and The Hunt for Skywalker, which are each designed to allow one player to oppose teams of two or three. Both of these challenge decks offer their wielder a number of tremendously powerful units, enhancements, and events. Furthermore, these scenarios create unique victory conditions, replacing the standard victory conditions, and thus encourage players to experiment with all-new strategies.

In Jerjerrod’s Task, the Empire has nearly completed its construction of the second Death Star. If it manages to finish its task, it will be able destroy the Rebellion once and for all, and the Emperor will rule uncontested in the galaxy. While a single dark side player uses the Jerjerrod’s Task challenge deck, the other players take the role of the Rebellion and must band together in a last ditch effort to stop this Imperial monstrosity. To succeed, the light side must either destroy the second Death Star or eliminate all the objectives the dark side has in play. But their time is limited! The Rebellion must hurry, or the dark side player will be able to bring the Death Star into play, destroy their objectives, and conquer the galaxy.

Meanwhile, the light side challenge deck, The Hunt for Skywalker, pits a single light side player against two or three dark side opponents. Taking place after their confrontation on Cloud City, The Hunt for Skywalker relates the tale of Darth Vader’s all-out search for Luke Skywalker. While navy officers, bounty hunters, and other shadowy figures all strive to bring this elusive prey before Lord Vader, Luke goes into hiding on Tatooine. Throughout the scenario, the light side player attempts to have Luke outmaneuver his pursuers and stay beyond their reach. If Luke survives until each dark side player has run out of cards in his reserve deck, the light side wins, but if he is destroyed, then the dark side reigns triumphant!

New Objective Sets

The six affiliations of Star Wars: The Card Game each gain a new objective set from Balance of the Force. These objective sets are each “Limit 1 per objective deck” and introduce powerful new units – or new versions of powerful units already in the game. Additionally, they offer players interesting new options for both multiplayer games and head-to-head matches.

Many of their cards introduce ways that multiplayer teammates can benefit from their “common reserve,” and some offer effects that are particularly damaging in multiplayer matches, such as a single event that can capture as many as two enemy units. Still, these objective sets will quickly find their way into many two-player games because they introduce a host of new mechanics and potent Characters, including cards like Supporting Fire (Balance of the Force, 420) and the expanded universe’s Mara Jade (Balance of the Force, 430).

A Powerful Ally

“My ally is the Force. And a powerful ally it is.”
    –Yoda, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Multiplayer arrives to Star Wars: The Card Game with the Balance of the Force deluxe expansion, so pick up your copy to team up for matches against its new challenge decks or to participate in games of two-versus-two. Either way, your faith in your friends isn’t your weakness…it’s a strength!

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