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Note: The Community Wizard is now in open beta testing. Please email [email protected] with any technical concerns you encounter while using the Community Wizard Beta. While this Beta is being rolled out across the site and as we work to fix issues and improve things, you may experience slowdowns and other problems during the next 48 hours, we thank you in advance for you patience.

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As the foundation of the hobby games industry and the core of our business, the friendly local retail store is an institution that deserves all the support FFG can offer. With that in mind, we’re proud to present the Community Wizard, the next step forward in our efforts to support retailers around the world.

An exciting new addition to FFG’s website, the Community Wizard (now in its open beta) is a powerful online tool designed to help players find more people and places to play their favorite FFG games. Its comprehensive search function allows players to quickly see all the local activity surrounding their favorite FFG games, placing a world of eager players, exciting events, and helpful retailers at their fingertips.

What are the benefits of registering?

  • A powerful search engine. Once you’re registered, players will be able to find your location through the comprehensive Community Wizard search engine. You’ll have access to your own personalized site within the FFG website, which you can customize with a logo, a gallery of images, and more. Add your address and hours of operation, and new customers will be able to locate you with ease.
  • The ability to find new players in your community. Just as players can use the Community Wizard's convenient search engine to find you, you can use it to locate players interested in your FFG games or events. Perform a search for players within a certain area who have expressed an interest in A Game of Thrones: The Card Game, for example, then quickly send a mass private message inviting them your upcoming AGoT event or alerting them to your new selection of Chapter Packs. The Community Wizard places a world of new and existing customers at your fingertips!
  • Collection management tools. Our enhanced collection management tool allows you to publish the FFG games that you carry, as well as the ones for which you offer demoes or open play. Once this information is entered, the search function begins working for you, guiding interested players to your location.
  • Convenient event management. Retailers, game club managers, and convention organizers can easily create and manage FFG gaming events at their venues. Once an event is created, it too will be “searchable” through the Community Wizard, and begin attracting interested players immediately. Manage guest lists, set a range of dates or repeating events, and send mass private messages to guests; these are just a few of the convenient event management tools available.
  • It’s free and easy! What’s more, your initial registration is all that’s needed to experience the Community Wizard’s primary benefits. After that, you may return to avail yourself of its other features at your convenience... or not at all, should you choose. To register, just create an FFG forum account, then follow a few simple steps to convert that account to “Organization” status. Keep reading for more on that process.

How do I register?

Registration takes only minutes, and the process couldn’t be simpler. By default, all accounts are initially "player" accounts, and have the options and interface most beneficial to individual players. From this starting point, the conversion process takes place over three simple steps:

  1. Click the "Convert your Account" button on the main FFG community page.
  2. Fill out a brief form with some of your organization's information.
  3. Wait to be contacted by FFG with news that your account status has been converted. 

It’s that easy. You’ll be added to the Community Wizard’s database, making you instantly accessible to new and veteran players alike. For a complete step-by-step guide (along with instructional videos), visit our Organization Tutorial. 

What are the three types of Organizations?

Learn more with our complete tutorial

When you first click the “Convert your Account” button, you’ll be asked to specify your organization type. The three available account statuses, each with its own unique interface and customized options, are “Retailer,” “Game Club,” and “Convention.” With our versatile forum options, retailers, game club managers, and convention organizers can each gain control over a distinct selection of tools designed to serve their specific needs.

“Retailer” accounts help hobby game store owners and managers stay in touch with their local player communities while attracting new customers, all with minimal effort and zero cost. List store hours and location for all to see, upload a logo to further personalize your store’s online profile, and more. Meanwhile, “game club” accounts help club members keep in touch with each other about FFG games and related club events, all while providing prospective members with a new way to approach the club. Finally, “convention” accounts list FFG-related events at an upcoming convention, provide a way for the convention to seek new events, and much more.

Get started today

With its wide range of helpful functions, the Fantasy Flight Games Community Wizard is an online connectivity tool like no other. This powerful resource makes connecting with players more convenient than ever before.

Visit our series of tutorials to learn more, or head straight to the Community Wizard and take part in the beta for yourself!

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