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In Space No One Can Hear You Whine 18
Our first peek inside the box of Cosmic Incursion
Cosmic Encounter | Published 17 November 2009

Cosmic Incursion logo

Today we’re thrilled to offer you a look at Cosmic Incursion, the upcoming expansion for Cosmic Encounter

The more the merrier.
Anyone who’s enjoyed a game of Cosmic Encounter knows that more players means more fun. Not only is the game more enjoyable because there are greater numbers of alien powers and flares to contend with, but the game is an incredibly social one. More opponents and more allies are always welcome!
In Cosmic Incursion we’ve included a full set of components in orange for a sixth player: twenty plastic ships, five planets, three matching destiny cards, and one player colony marker. 
All you’ll need to bring is the chair.
In addition, Cosmic Incursion introduces a brand new game variant in the form of the reward deck. This set of 32 cards is available only to defensive allies, who may choose to draw some or all of their defender rewards from it.
Reward deck fan
Click for an enlarged view
The reward deck is a collection of special, slightly more powerful cards perfect for getting the upper hand in an encounter: crooked deals can score you some extra cards after a negotiation, unstable rift cards offer an escape route for ships stuck in the warp but will detonate when taken as compensation, and kicker cards can swing fortune either in your favor or against it.
In space no one can hear you whine.
Cosmic Incursion also brings twenty new alien races ready to colonize the galaxy. Ten of these powers will be brand new and have never been seen before, while ten classic alien powers will be making their long-awaited reappearance.
Today we’re going to take a peek at one of your most requested fan favorites. We have heard you and we have obeyed...just as you must whenever you’re playing against the Sniveler
 Sniveler card
Click to read the Sniveler's power
Here’s a bit of history about this forlorn race: 
The Snivelers developed in the evolutionary shadow of a closely related but older and more gifted race. Beset by adversity at every turn, they looked to their elder brethren for succor and defense. Now grown adept at self-pity and having liquidated their generous patrons, they turn their wet, envious gaze toward the heavens.
Once per encounter, the Sniveler may whine about their position in the game: they might have fewer ships or colonies than any other player, or perhaps they’re lacking a particular card in their hand. In any case, the other players will then obliged to correct the situation. Ask (or whine) and you shall receive!
Coming up next...
In the weeks ahead, we will continue to reveal the aliens found in the Cosmic Incursion expansion. Keep scanning the skies and we’ll see you in a couple of weeks.
Cosmic Encounter is a classic board game for three to five players where fate and destiny collide against the unpredictable nature of the cosmos. With innumerable combinations of alien powers, and exceptional wheeling and dealing between players, this fan favorite game of galactic conquest is brimming with outlandish twists as players race to be the first to establish enough colonies to win.


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Comments (18)

Published: 12/14/2009 3:43:03 PM

It's great to see the Sniveler, but something should be done about the card-whine ability because it depends on trust from everybody including the Sniveler player, in a game where deception is generally encouraged.

Perhaps, instead, they should whine about the number of cards they have and force a discard-down from other players unless they are premitted to go into the draw deck to make up the balance.

Alternatively, maybe they can whine about not having a particular encounter card, have to show their hand to everyone to prove it, and then draw three(?) cards from the draw deck unless a player decides to donate the card.

I would prefer the second suggestion.

Published: 12/1/2009 6:23:18 PM

I was about to write the same thing. Two weeks to the day, I've even been checking every other day or so just in case they were feeling extra nice.  The suspene is killing me; I wish it were a single alien released every other day or so.  Hopefully CI will be out before Xmas, these long breaks between updates saddens me =(.

Published: 12/1/2009 11:37:09 AM

Okay, it's been two weeks ... here we are all drooly and ready. :)

Published: 11/19/2009 6:43:00 PM

I really hope that's not the case ... having these cards marked from the back side would probably cause more problems than the "entertainment" it would add. Trader, Mind, Compensation ... anything that gives players information about which cards are in each others' hands would make it far too easy to target the RD cards, and actually work against the incentive to earn them in the first place.

In other news ... what's up wit the Rift cards not having titles?  Are they all exactly the same function but with a different number on the card?  I had the impression they would present a variety of different effects — in which case why wouldn't they have unique card titles? I would think you would need this for effects such as Finder, not to mention making it easy for players to learn the game and discuss the cards in the first place.  (Imagine if you couldn't just say "Mobius Tubes" and everyone always had to spell out "that Artifact that releases tokens from the warp ... no, I mean the one that gets everyone's tokens, not just your own".)

The Warp
Published: 11/19/2009 2:44:20 PM

I like that the RD cards are marked.  I don't know if the back art matches the regular deck or not.  My RD does.  But it occurs to me that even if this version doesn't, it makes the Rifts even more entertaining- knowing that a player is holding x number of RD cards, but not knowing if any of them are Rifts. 

Published: 11/19/2009 4:35:44 AM

Great ! Greaaaat ! I want that expansion even more than any other FFG's game right now !

...although, I'm sad, because I already can picture my little brother picking up the sniveler.... awful games incomiiiiing !

Published: 11/18/2009 10:14:11 PM

Ah.. my bad.. seems like i should've read more carefully before i posted.. missed that part near the beginning about what sniveler could whine for.. ! (still powerful though, although not a likely target by the other players to lose powers unlike Tick-tock)

Still, i like the fact that a sixth set was included (we usually have 6 so no more need to steal pieces from another game).. and the rewards deck makes for an interesting choice (it doesn't seem to be too imbalanced). Can't wait to get it!

Published: 11/18/2009 9:42:50 PM

It's just starting to sink in for me how flexible the Rewards Deck could be. In true Cosmic Encounter fashion, it seems infinitely malleable with a little player creativity: imagine diverting a couple of the "unknown" Flares into the Rewards Deck at startup, or even adding two more Flares (beyond the usual 10/12) for that purpose. Or put the Morph there. Or the 40. Or one of the Cosmic Zaps. Or a third Zap from the extra copy of the base game you bought. Or ....

Man, this could totally reinvigorate the dynamics of alliances — can't wait, can't wait!

Published: 11/18/2009 9:35:04 PM

@hulahoop: Read the card again; the Sniveler gets to whine about lacking an encounter card ... so no cheesy nuking of Flares or scooping up all the Cosmic Zaps.

To answer your other question, if the Sniveler whines about ships or colonies, the other players must jointly agree to give him what he wants (if there is even a lone dissenter, everyone has to pay the price). But if the Sniveler whines about cards, any one player can unilaterally give the Sniveler an appropriate card to prevent the purge, whether the other players like it or not. So you might have been looking forward to discarding all your Negotiates, but if I am the first player to give the Sniveler one of mine, then we're done and everyone keeps the rest of their N's.

(Hmm, in the post-FFG cosmos you can whine for a Morph!)

This expansion set is going to be fabulous.  Kickers not being in the draw deck is going to take some getting used to, but the Rewards Deck concept (and the "poison" feature of the revealed Rift card) are looking pretty brilliant. I think I will be able to make the adjustment.  (And now that we've seen a few Rewards Deck cards, it's pretty clear they will have to have a regular card back, meaning I can still shuffle Kickers — or Rifts or whatever — into the regular deck if I want to.  Innovative, yet satisfying to the classic players; another triumph for Kevin!

Published: 11/18/2009 8:20:30 PM

Looks good!

But just some early questions/comments about the Sniveler abilities..
I guess the cards abilities is based on trust.. both ways . other players must also trust that sniveler does not have the card he states.. otherwise it's a more overpowered version of Mind's abilities.. if not though, it seems pretty weak as you'll have to reveal your hand to everyone else.
But it does forces you to discard your opponent's most irritating flares,  "I don't have the shadow flare" (or whatever flare.. after you've seen it being used) .. but please don't use it as "I don't have a cosmic zap"

The question i have is, what is the player agreement for either else scenarios (ships, bases, cards)? Does it  mean

1) All must agree or the either OR ELSE all must suffer the else effect. (Literal. if so the wording of either else must be careful)
2) Majority voting on taking the either or else (possibly with sniveler making tiebreaker vote if any)

Because i can see a lot of races that will care to have little ships in the void and will vote against every opportunity (Warpish, Masochist the strongest supporter), little high cards (loser, AntiMatter).

Published: 11/18/2009 7:23:35 PM

Yeah, it's the Sniveler.  So what?  Nobody likes the Sniveler, anyway.  They've a bunch of losers, that's what they are.  Erm, never mind, that's a different alien, isn't it?  Anyhow...

This is a slightly wimpier Sniveler, since it can whine about having the fewest foreign colonies, unlike the Eon Sniveler, who could whine about having the fewest total bases. No more vacating a home base into the cone as your first move, then whining about having fewer bases.



Bleached Lizard
Published: 11/18/2009 10:34:54 AM

Is the "cards" ability of the Sniveller enforcable in any way, or is it just based on trust?

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