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Bonus Alternative Ending Cards are on the Talisman support page!
Talisman | Published 04 November 2009

A few days ago, we took a look at the Alternative Ending Cards offered in The Frostmarch, the new expansion for Talisman. Alternative Ending Cards offer variations on the standard Talisman victory conditions, and whether your group chooses them randomly or votes them into play, they can give exciting new direction to your game.

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve added two Alternative Ending Cards to the Talisman support page, and they’re available for download!

The Crown of Command card (pdf, 1.2mb) presents the standard victory condition in this new format, and the Danse Macabre card (pdf. 2.2mb) lets characters who make it to the center of the board control the fearsome Reaper (you must own The Reaper expansion to use this alternative ending)!

Add them to your choices of Alternative Ending Cards, and enjoy!

Talisman is a classic game of adventuring. Your character journeys through the lands in search of the powerful Crown of Command. Take control of one of 14 different characters from a powerful Troll to a magical Druid.

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Comments (14)

Published: 11/6/2009 10:11:53 AM

Nemomon, my humble servant:P Thank you for your insight for the Pandora's Box card;)

Shall we keep the box close then, and carry it to the Dragon Tower...:D

Published: 11/5/2009 2:28:24 PM

Velhart, my Friend (Follower :P), Pandora Box is the crappiest ending ever! Even its authors didn't knew what that Ending exactly is doing. Pandora Box will back as a card from 3rd Edition, Dragon's Tower Magic Object.

Published: 11/5/2009 10:10:15 AM

My request is also if you can include it in the next set with maybe MORE alternative endings:D

New alternative ending cards are always welcome. ( I like to see the Box of Pandora back:D

I also like to see new challenges that replace the inner region spaces.

Maybe a little ice board that fits on the inner region if you play with the Ice queen as the final ending space..



Published: 11/5/2009 6:02:02 AM

Fantastic work! Such additions are always much appreciated and create stronger bond between FFG and the players. Thank you!

Published: 11/5/2009 5:00:31 AM

Well, well, with a couple of small adjustments they took up my idea...


# Reaper's Hand:

When the Reaper is in play, you may cast the Command Spell on the Reaper instead of the other Characters.
If successful, you command the Reaper to materialize in front of the character of your choice who must encounter him as normal.


Maybe they might do the others too...

Published: 11/5/2009 12:49:44 AM

If you are already playing with the reaper and someone is on the crown of command can you still move the reaper if you roll a 1 for your move?

Published: 11/4/2009 10:36:44 PM

Totally appreciate these extra's from FFG! These are all printed off and ready for our game this weekend!

Published: 11/4/2009 6:22:40 PM

Awesome work! (and there is a back for download now on the Support page)

Published: 11/4/2009 4:51:28 PM

These are completely awesome. Thanks FFG! My only request would be to maybe include these in the next set down the road (along with even MORE new alt. endings!) so that we have physical copies of these in the future. Really cool though!

Published: 11/4/2009 4:51:01 PM

If they could add also backs to download...

Published: 11/4/2009 3:54:51 PM

Nice, I love more endings. good stuff FFG.

so when is the next expansion!!


Published: 11/4/2009 3:43:20 PM

This gives me another reason to buy this. Still clinging to my 2nd edition copy...

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