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Da Whozit Sekshun 4
A look at the background and flavour of Chaos Marauders
Chaos Marauders | Published 08 October 2009

When Chaos Marauders first came out, it had a Da Whozit Sekshun in the back of the rulebook. We are going to be putting these in the Support section of the Chaos Marauders minisite.

Bilge ‘No Remorse’ Guttrott
Regimental leader Bilge is a legendary Orc hero who slaughtered his way to fame during the historic Five Minute War. The war took place beneath the roots of Black Crag Tower, when a group of Dwarf prospectors contested his ownership of a seam of the rare, edible Black Crag Rock.

It was after smushing ‘the weirdbeard runt guys’ that Bilge earned his present surname. Bloated by success, Bilge consumed a solid hundredweight of the semi-organic stone. This feat was followed by The Time of The Mighty Heave: according to the Ugg Chronicles “he went westward into the wastes and fasted for one night and half the day thereafter, before returning a reformed and rock-fearing character.”

Blightskabb Plague Lords
The Blightskabb Plague Lords are the Warlord Clan followers of the Skaven hero, Akzen Parasyte. In battle, these particularly twisted Ratmen fight as a group, overtaken by a fanatical battle frenzy. They can appear anywhere without warning, taking their enemies by surprise and cutting them into pieces.

This war machine is actually a ferocious, powerful, and quite terrifying Wyvern.

The Wyvern and its Black Orc rider, Kug the Malicious, win their battles by swooping on enemy troops – who generally respond by routing. For those brave or foolish enough to hold their ground, Kug has an array of poisoned darts and other missiles at his disposal.

This wolf-pulled, armoured war chariot may seem formidable to someone being charged by it. However, it’s at least twice as disturbing for the Orc crew who are jolted half to death every time they ride in the flaming thing!

Bozlum Pigstickers
Just south of Karak-Azgal, lost in the mists of Troll Stench, the Hole of Bozlum is inhabited by an especially nasty breed of Orc – the renowned Bozlum Bootboys and their even more infamous kin, the Bozlum Pigstickers.

Uncannily accurate with the bow, the ‘lads’ (as they like to be known), have won many “daarts” trophies in the local swill pits. Indeed, some think the lads could even out-shoot the pansy Elves.

Orcs who consider their bowstring plucking fellows un-Orcish – and mock their dubious prowess in other important areas – rarely live long enough to spread this opinion. Most Orc Leaders try to have some of the lads around whenever a good scrap looms on the horizon.

Chaos Marauders
It was the hour of midnight when they were first noticed. What had been a space in the immense Orcish task force was now...not a space. As if from nowhere they appeared in the very heart of the army.

In hushed tones, the nervous Orc troops spread the word:

“It’s dem...da men wiv no name.”
“Da men wiv no name!”
“Wotcha call ‘em den?”

They pound the roads from coast to coast in their never ending search for a fist full of crowns. Destruction is their trademark, pillaging their game, a wise man stands aside from da men wiv no name.

They are the dread Chaos Marauders, a band of twenty or so black-armoured figures on immense, armoured steeds, each bearing the Mark of Chaos in blood red. They fight anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Chaos Marauders is a classic card game of fast and frenzied Orcish mayhem. Players build their battle lines as they prepare to assault their foes.

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Comments (4)

Published: 10/13/2009 8:30:21 AM

It's a nice, funny and qiuck card game.

Published: 10/8/2009 10:43:56 PM

 I haven't quite caught someone drawing it yet. Oh but I can't wait until I do!

Published: 10/8/2009 5:42:49 PM

Chaos Marauders! Sorry, I just saw the picture and had a urge to scream it out :)

Published: 10/8/2009 5:10:24 PM

 Such a fun game. 

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