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Flavours of Chaos 13
A look into the flavour and background of Chaos Marauders
Chaos Marauders | Published 02 October 2009

'Oi you...pig face! Wot you doin' wiv da fing?' Thogg snarled. '

I's stickin' me tribal standard up top so tha' we can all see it.' Vandaal replied gruffly.

'Who sez we’z want ta see it in da first place, dung-splot?' Thogg grunted., The crusty old Orc continued to raise his crimson banner, and growled back over his shoulder,

'Da Clan Festerdoom is da most Orcs 'ere.' Indeed many of the troops in the great army heading north were connected to the Clan Festerdoom, but Thogg didn’t let himself be impressed.

Oh, an' 'ave you been countin' then?'

'Well...sorta...' Like most goblinoids, Vandaal had trouble counting any number greater than the sum of his toes, fingers, and any other parts of his anatomy.

Thogg seized on the hesitation. 'We Black Eyes outnumbez you a zillion to one. Our flag'll be da one on da top der!'

'Over my mangy corpse,' Vandall growled.

'Dun an’ dun.'


Thogg wiped the blood off his jagged knife and began to design a makeshift banner for the Orcs of the Black Eye, using Vandaal’s body as a bench. Within seconds the word spread throughout the vast encamped army:

'Festerdooms is bein' insulted.'

'Vandaal's 'ad 'is bruggs cut off.' 'It's a bloomin' Black Eye invasion.'

'Dems Festerbreaths wotz a war, will gif em a war.'


Soon, nearby Orcs from all regiments were gathering to fight under one of the two tribal banners, whether they were clan members or not. Quickly, every Orc, Hobgoblin, Snotling and Beastman in the army was choosing sides or making his own, spoiling for
a fight.

A massive Dwarf army from Karaz-a-Karak has destroyed dozens of Goblin bases in a heroic raid on the Mad Dog Pass. In response to this outrage, a massive Orc army has assembled and is now journeying north, towards the pass, from the southernmost parts of the World's Edge Mountains. The plan is to put the Dwarfs firmly back into their stunted place!

However, every 50 miles or so, some part of the bored army breaks into a fight. As this is an expected manifestation of Orc psychology, the Chaos leaders of the horde allow these minor skirmishes, as long as they do not seriously affect the strength of the army as a whole.

Chaos Marauders is a game for 2 to 4 players, with each player representing one of the sides in the Orc tribal dispute. The fighting will be stopped by the army’s commanders before it gets too serious. However, until then, each Orc tribe struggles to amass the largest battle lines (and therefore become ‘da best!’).

The winner is the player whose battle-lines contain the highest number of valuable items, such as Orc Grog, treasure, and the like. This tribe is "da best" and gets to fly its banner above all the other tribal flags (a position of great prestige) least until the next fight.

Over the coming weeks we will be highlighting the flavour of the fantastic world of Chaos Marauders!

Chaos Marauders is a classic card game of fast and frenzied Orcish mayhem. Players build their battle lines as they prepare to assault their foes.

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Published: 10/2/2009 1:43:11 PM

I thought ffg was a boardgame company. When are they going to update us on what's going on with their boargames? It seems like lately ffg has become a second gw in terms of the products they are releasing.

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