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Bring Clarity to the Chaos 6
The FAQ for Chaos in the Old World is now available!
Chaos in the Old World | Published 09 September 2009

Tzeentch thrives on confusion and trickery, weaving complex schemes and using the hapless denizens of the Old World as pawns in his immense game.

Fortunately, Tzeentch doesn’t work for Fantasy Flight Games.

FFG is pleased to release the official FAQ for Chaos in the Old World. Download it here (pdf, 608 KB) or head over to the support page.

Chaos in the Old World is a game of conquest, pitting the four Ruinous Powers of Chaos against each other for control of the Old World. Players must out summon, out play, and outwit theirs rivals to ensure their domination of the lands for ages to come.

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Comments (6)

Published: 9/10/2009 9:54:05 PM

Great job again guys adding even more to the errat so quickly. I really wish more companies would respond as well as you guys do.


Keep up the awesome work !!!

Published: 9/10/2009 10:56:21 AM

True . . . but it's not like they FUBAR'd the whole card, just mis printed a 1 instead of a 2. It would be nice if they reprinted the correct cards, but then again it isn't something that would be very hard for one to fix on their own.

Published: 9/10/2009 9:21:29 AM

Just my $.02 but if you pay $60, MSRP, or less for a game and there is a misprint that can effect the game then FFG should be able to mail out a reprinted card to everyone who has bought the game. They did it for those of us who bought BSG @ GenCon back in 2008. Granted there was no postage involved but I think they need to step up and do the right thing.


Published: 9/9/2009 11:36:07 PM

I would actually just settle for a color copy I can print out that will go over the old ruling . . . oh wait, it's really easy to just print out a number 2 . . . . :P

King Conan #1
Published: 9/9/2009 8:23:27 PM

We played this game once at tacticon in denver and once yesterday.  These  two games were fun. they also taught me that you need to pay very close attention to your powers dial advancements and not be diverted by the situation on the game board. Khorne usually uses its melee ability to hammer on nurgle since the nurgle player must  stay in the center of the board. Nurgle must hold on in the populous areas of the board, and occasionally run away from the large Khorne killer stacks. Tzeentch usually hangs around the periphery in the areas with the warp stones and avoid the large battles either by use of magic or using teleport to jump to the other side of the board. Slaanesh uses its coercive abilities to hang on in noble or hero locations and  dodge the worst of the fighting. Overall, this game is a challenging and fun game and no two games will end alike. The first game we played ended with Khorne and Tzeentch within 2 vp of each other!                                                                              Another great FF game!


Published: 9/9/2009 6:55:05 PM

So Slaanesh's card is misprinted. Does FFG plan on mailing out a FREE replacement card with the correct info?

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