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Casting a Massive Shadow 15
Announcing the upcoming release of BattleLore: Dragons
Battlelore | Published 27 August 2009

As the battle draws to a close, the day in nearly won. Knights dismount, removing their battered helms and breathing in the smoking air. Suddenly, a shadow falls across the battlefield, accompanied by the deafening beat of massive wings... and the fight is far from over. This fall, all of Europe shall tremble before the might of three new creatures!

BattleLore: Dragons, the upcoming expansion for the beloved strategy game BattleLore, brings to bear the awesome power of one of the most iconic figures in the fantasy genre. These majestic creatures promise to lay waste to their foes as they fly unhindered about the battlefield.

Silence falls across the forest, and the air smells acrid as small creatures scurry for cover. In these woods, all life knows better than to be around when the Wood Wyvern is flying over head. Armed with a vicious bite and toxic breath, the wyvern is able to poison anything it faces. As the venom courses through the veins of those who stand before it, horrible spasms wrack the victim. The wyvern waits mere moments before the afflicted fall dead at its feet.

Mirroring the deadly effectiveness of its woodland brethren, the Ice Drake descends from the frozen north. Able to fly over a battlefield with ease, this fell creature can unleash the power of the glaciers - freezing enemies in place! While not harmful in and of itself, frozen foes find themselves unable to move or act, making them a perfect target for the Ice Drake’s bite or its allies.

The strongest of the reptilian forces is the Fire Dragon. The gouts of flame issuing from this creature’s mouth are so hot, armor is no protection. As it flies from one side of the battlefield to the other, fire rains from the sky and sets unit after unit ablaze. Once it tires of cooking the enemy, the Fire Dragon has a vicious melee attack to dispatch any remaining fighters.

Make sure to check back, as we will be previewing these beasts in more detail in the weeks to come!

Set in a world that bridges history and fantasy, BattleLore is board game that puts players in command of a vast array of miniature troops on the battlefields of medieval Europe. Using the easy-to-learn Commands and Colors system, players can wage thrilling battles without a lengthy time commitment.

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Comments (15)

Published: 12/27/2009 5:23:16 PM

I would like to know why FFG releases these new elements (like dice sets and Dragons, and Creatures) when the base game is unavailable? It's a mystery (and shame) to me.

Published: 12/5/2009 8:10:47 AM

Just 3 creatures,$39 is too expensive!

Published: 8/31/2009 10:39:02 AM


The cost is 1 creature lore master token per level I would assume. So the Forest Wyvern is 1, Ice Drake is 2 and Fire Dragon is 3!


The sculpts are definitely different. Look at the pictures on the cards.

$35 is too much for just three creatures but I imagine from the photos of the set at GenCon that it also includes a lot of tokens, cards and terrain features. I'll reserve my judgement until I have it in hand.

As far as Heroes goes, I'm not really sure that $40 was totally unreasonable for such an expansion. It adds a ton of replayability and components to the game. Obviously, since the base game was only $60 to begin with it's easy to feel shafted but I think of the base game as a sort of loss leader to get people into it. I don't think Days of Wonder made a profit on the base game at all which is what got them into the position of not being able to afford to continue producing expansion sets. They also of course misjudged just how much people would buy.

If you remember, they originally were going to do blister packs in the style of Games Workshop but faced a lot of resistance from retailers.

I could go on forever. These Dragons look cool and I look forward to ravaging the battlefield with them! Who needs a loremaster when you can have two Fire Dragons (via some luck CtA draw)!

Published: 8/31/2009 2:45:05 AM

....and a bit boring!

Published: 8/31/2009 2:44:33 AM

Are these 3 dragons all the same sculpt?

If so, $39 is incredibly expensive!

Published: 8/30/2009 3:07:08 AM

damn my keyboad!

"Close to an insult" is what I was writing, when i decided to change the wording but hit the enter button instead of .

Of course it´s not an insult, but its not the way I would go if I were trying to build loyalty among the fans...


Published: 8/30/2009 3:01:00 AM

At 34.95, i´d say price is an issue.


I hope this is not an indication of what the Creatures set is going to cost.  35 dollars for three new minis is expensive.

35 dollars for 1 new mini and two old ones with new cards, which is what you are geting if you have been a fan from the beginning, is close to an insu

Published: 8/30/2009 1:15:27 AM

This is very exciting to have yet another expansion out so soon after Heros.   I saw this post today only just after completing my first hero adventure.   I can't keep up!   Keep it coming!  (Elf army next maybe??)

Lord Mykal
Published: 8/30/2009 12:17:52 AM

Well done, this looks good! Definitely hope they are hard to get creatures for the battle field as they look rather impressive and destructive!

Price could be an issue with other armies appearing.......small lots in ever increasing quantity would be nice. Affordable and build-able over an extended payment period :-) 

Published: 8/28/2009 2:59:30 PM

Fantastic! :) Love the fly-by shooting idea.  Simple yet clever.  Plus, that Forest Wyvern model on the cover looks pretty sweeeeeet.  Can't wait to see the others!


Published: 8/28/2009 3:36:51 AM

And now all together join the ancient mystical chant  :   I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, I want it NOW !

Hope the wifely feared Pricing-Dragon won't cause too much trouble....

Published: 8/27/2009 8:58:58 PM

That is true on the pricing issue. My guess is that they will keep it closer in line with the 100-Years War, but only time will tell the answer.

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