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A Path Through The Mists 6
The FAQ for Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game is now available!
Call of Cthulhu LCG | Published 04 August 2009

Then Olney saw lingering against the translucent squares of each of the little dim windows in succession a queer black outline as the caller moved inquisitively about before leaving; and he was glad his host had not answered the knocking. For there are strange objects in the great abyss, and the seeker of dreams must take care not to stir up or meet the wrong ones.

H.P. Lovecraft “The Strange High House”

The paths through the Mythos constantly shift and change. Their ever-evolving dance can dazzle the unwary, or the uninformed.

Now a light has shone through the haze which hovers about. This light provides the way, and can guide you when the path looks grim and dark. Answers may be found, and knowledge shall set you free.

The newest FAQ is now available for the Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game. Inside, you will find the answers to some of your most burning questions. Take care, for no knowledge comes without a cost. This FAQ may cost you the very sanity you are striving to protect!

Based on the fiction of H.P. Lovecraft and his literary circle, Call of Cthulhu: The Card Game takes two players deep into the Cthulhu Mythos where investigators clash with the Ancient Ones and Elder Gods for the fate of the world. To learn more about Call of Cthulhu, visit our minisite.

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Comments (6)

Published: 8/9/2009 9:34:53 PM

 Are black border cards CCG cards allowed if they are duplicates of the core set.  Are they legal for Gencon?

Published: 8/9/2009 2:37:54 AM

Excellent work, although I'd echo the need for a printable version!

Johan Scipion
Published: 8/5/2009 4:33:15 PM

Thank you ! Very nice and very helpful.

But can we have a printer friendly version too ?

Black text on white background (like the CCG FAQ) would be perfect.

Published: 8/5/2009 4:15:44 AM

This is it !!

A very important document for every players, which also brings a lot of informations (and a preview for the Dreamlands, keep on searching... ^^)

Thank you

Published: 8/4/2009 11:33:33 PM

Much appreciated, thanks.

Published: 8/4/2009 8:23:23 PM



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