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Fresh Faces 18
The fourth preview of the upcoming Innsmouth Horror Expansion!
Arkham Horror | Published 08 May 2009

"That plague of '46 must have taken off the best blood in the place. Anyway, they're a doubtful lot now, and the Marshes and other rich folks are as bad as any. As I told you, there probably ain't more'n 400 people in the whole town in spite of all the streets they say there are. I guess they're what they call 'white trash' down South - lawless and sly, and full of secret things. They get a lot of fish and lobsters and do exporting by truck. Queer how the fish swarm right there and nowhere else.

"Nobody can ever keep track of these people, and state school officials and census men have a devil of a time. You can bet that prying strangers ain't welcome around Innsmouth. I've heard personally of more'n one business or government man that's disappeared there, and there's loose talk of one who went crazy and is out at Danvers now. They must have fixed up some awful scare for that fellow.

"That's why I wouldn't go at night if I was you. I've never been there and have no wish to go, but I guess a daytime trip couldn't hurt you - even though the people hereabouts will advise you not to make it. If you're just sightseeing, and looking for old-time stuff, Innsmouth ought to be quite a place for you."

We return to the haunted streets of Innsmouth with fresh minds, and fresh faces. Joining our ranks are 16 new investigators, each with a unique back story and style.

It seemed so surreal when she was approached by a recruiter after one of her gymnastic meets all those years ago. Somehow, she had come to the attention of a nameless agency working for the government to protect the country. Never one to turn down a new challenge, Trish had eagerly signed up. One of the first things that they taught her is that there is strength in focus – in joining the mind to the body to exceed the whole. With her agile body and formidable mind, she was soon one of their best spies. But recently, Trish has begun to wonder at the motives of the organization she works for. Are they really tied to the government, or is she working for some sort of shadow society ruling the country from behind the scenes? Her quiet inquiries eventually led her to the small city of Arkham, Massachusetts. Normally, newspaper buildings are something that Trish avoids like the plague in her line of work. But standing in front of the Arkham Advertiser, she knows that this is her last lead. If the information she needs is anywhere, it’ll be here.

Silas always felt the call of the ocean. Even as a little boy he loved to play in the waves. There was just something soothing and otherworldly about the sea that put him at ease in a way nothing else could. It came as no surprise to his family when Silas announced that he’d decided to become a sailor and travel the world. They’d actually been waiting for him to reach that conclusion for several years. So, he signed up with a merchant shipping company and spent the next few years gallivanting from one port to the next and seeing all the sights he could take in. Periodically, he would dream. At these times, his sleep was haunted with strange, ethereal visions of undersea vistas and bizarre creatures that smiled toothily at him. Gradually, he came to feel that there was something sinister about these dreams, and when he asked his family, they simply nodded and said, “It’s time for you to visit the main branch of the family up in Innsmouth. They’ll set you straight.” Two days later, as he disembarks from a ship at the Arkham docks, Silas can’t help but find his family’s remark just a little bit sinister.

Zoey knew that she was special. She’d known it ever since God had spoken to her one night when she was six years old…the night that terrible fire took away her parents. He told her that He had chosen her from among all the people of the world to be His agent. She would protect the innocent and punish the wicked. Since then, He came to her in times of trouble, offering guidance and comfort. He has also come to lead her to an evildoer on several occasions. In each instance, with His aid, good triumphed. Then, one day, He spoke to her, telling her to come to Arkham, where she would face her greatest challenge yet. He has not spoken to her since. Now, as Zoey steps off the train onto the platform, she fingers her cross, feeling the wrongness of this place in her bones. Perhaps if she cleanses the city of its taint, He will speak to her once again.

13 faces have yet to appear, but they arrive soon. Steel yourselves, for there is still much to come...

Arkham Horror is a boardgame of mystery and madness set in Arkham in the 1920's. Players investigate the strange happenings about the town, and race to prevent ancient evil from surfacing. Playable with 1-8 players.

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Comments (18)

Published: 5/16/2009 10:52:58 PM

Im really liking the Idea that Silias can "swim" between locations.
It will be really interesting to see how he moves between boards, using him to shut down gates and such. He could find himself in a little bit of trouble when the aquatic monsters start shifting with him though.

Published: 5/14/2009 2:37:40 PM

 hmmm... the pirate seems ok... lol he has my skill Under Water Basket Weaving!

Published: 5/11/2009 2:19:04 AM

::Laughter:: de world ain't big enuff fer two Zoeys.

Published: 5/10/2009 9:47:20 PM

It's pretty Cool that Trish does'nt have the same " Combinasion" Of 2 Skills ^^




Published: 5/10/2009 2:21:35 PM

Ha! It was one of my predictions for Innsmouth, that we'd get another character with a non-standard focus. Very cool!

Published: 5/9/2009 8:02:16 PM

I agree with Jones.  +1 Focus would increase Trish's Focus by 1, but this would not affect how her markers are moved during the upkeep phase.  Admittedly this is the primary thing Focus is used for, so the bonus wouldn't means as much to her as to someone else.

Published: 5/9/2009 3:23:16 PM

"Trish makes my head hurt! so she can move the sliders to the right a total of 5 stops? how does +1 focus work on her?" MrsG

I'm going to have to say "it doesn't," except in those cases were something works off an investigator's focus value.

These are too cool. Can't wait to see the rest of them! And is it just me, or does the middle guy on the investigator markers look like Dennis Quaid?

Published: 5/9/2009 11:10:15 AM

 Trish makes my head hurt! so she can move the sliders to the right a total of 5 stops? how does  +1 focus work on her?

Published: 5/9/2009 5:30:04 AM

lol...I vote Knuckles Eki for worst reason to not buy ever :))... also might just be a hunch....but AOs strike at players for absolutely everything...there might be one who strikes on lowest focus ?! thats a long shot though and it would seem stupid :D

but yeah basically you do need focus for focus based items/spells etc.

Dr strangle
Published: 5/9/2009 4:02:16 AM

That spygirl is cool. I dont think the rules are unclear. If she gets a bonus to focus it does nothing to her skillsliding, since she "doesnt spend focus to adjust her sliders".

I like that her skills are paired up so they go in the same direction. She gets better at both skills when she moves the slider. Her inovative coolness equals the martialarts lady with stamina/sanity sliders.

Published: 5/9/2009 3:51:43 AM

Silas Marsh, fighting around the world!

Knuckles Eki
Published: 5/9/2009 2:00:26 AM

I made a homemade character called Zoey (I got 4 homemades), and now FFG is releasing another Zoey... I don't want 2 Zoeys, so I might not get this expansion =P

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