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Unite the City
Blue Moon Legends Is Now Available
Blue Moon Legends | Published 15 May 2014

In the aftermath of the Night of Sorrow, the peoples of Blue Moon City have splintered apart, lacking the leadership of a strong ruler. You, however, have the skill and talent to forge a mighty people and attract the favor of the elemental dragons. Nine distinct peoples await your command, and with a host of inquisitors, emissaries, and other ways to modify your deck, your options for altering the core decks are limitless.

Rise to the throne of Blue Moon City today: Blue Moon Legends is now available, both online through our webstore and at your local retailer!

Challenges of Leadership

In our first preview, we explored the mechanics of gameplay within Blue Moon Legends. The game consists of a series of challenges in a contested element – either Fire or Earth. Each turn, you must play a character card from your hand to begin or continue a challenge, possibly bolstering your power with booster cards or support cards. When one player can no longer maintain the challenge, he must retreat, and his opponent attracts the attention of a dragon.

Our second preview focused on your various options for customizing the core people decks. Every leader of a people possesses a certain number of moons that can be spent to recruit cards from other peoples to include in your deck, but other options for altering your decks are also available. Inquisitors offer unique bonuses and can help support your deck’s preferred play style, while emissaries and Buka families offer players a quick way to alter their decks, creating an instantly different play experience. With nearly three-hundred and fifty cards, the deckbuilding potential of Blue Moon Legends is limitless.

The most recent preview gave you a closer look at two of the distinct and unique peoples included in Blue Moon Legends: the Flit and the Aqua. The Flit are nimble and fast, striking from the air and launching projectiles at their foes. Including the Flit in your deck offers an excellent way to speed towards victory on your own terms. On the other hand, the Aqua strike from the sea, using the powers of the ocean to surge and flow around opponents. With the Aqua under your command, many of your cards are protected from your opponent’s effects, ensuring that you maintain your advantage in challenges.

We also posted the learn-to-play guide and the reference booklet for Blue Moon Legends on the game’s support page. Learn more about the game and its interactions by downloading the rules today!

Claim the Throne

The city of Blue Moon is lost without a strong leader to shepherd the peoples and usher in a new age of prosperity. The capacity to become such a ruler lies in your hands. Unite the peoples, undertake the challenges, and win the blessing of the elemental dragons! Pick up your copy of Blue Moon Legends at your local retailer today.

Blue Moon Legends pits two players against each other in tense, head-to-head card play. Players can either play the game straight out of the box with decks or strategically customize the perfect deck to take down their opponent. With hundreds of cards to choose from, no two games will be the same. Blue Moon Legends contains all cards from award-winning designer Reiner Knizia’s Blue Moon card game in a single box.

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