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A Hundred Thousand Battles
Warhammer: Diskwars Is Now Available
Warhammer: Diskwars | Published 31 December 2013

“The world is littered with the detritus of a hundred thousand battles. The bones of the dead lie scattered in shallow graves.”
    –Warhammer, “The Years of Conflict”

The war horns blare. Your enemy approaches, and your soldiers roar for blood and battle. It’s time to lead your charge. Warhammer: Diskwars is now available at your local retailer and online through our webstore!

Fast-Paced Tabletop Warfare

Combining flat disks and rich, tactical play, Warhammer: Diskwars offers a unique, fast-paced, and deeply rewarding tabletop warfare experience set in the war-torn world of Warhammer. At its core are its disks. Each disk represents a hero or unit from the Old World and comes complete with its own combat statistics, traits, and special abilities.

The information collected on each disk makes it easy to remember how your units will interact with others as the battles rage on!

What makes these disks truly unique, though, is the way that players maneuver them around the battlefield. To move a disk, you simply flip it end over end. Thus, each disk’s movement doesn’t just involve a starting point and end point; it has a whole path, and as it moves, it interacts with terrain and other disks it overlaps.

In Warhammer: Diskwars, players move units by flipping their disks end over end.

Whenever a disk flips in such a way that it covers up another disk, the disk on top is considered to be “pinning” the disk below it. This prevents the pinned disk from activating, and at the end of the round, overlapping disks must fight each other.

By taking full advantage of your ranged attacks and special abilities, and by maneuvering carefully to pin your opponent’s units, you can strike them down, seize control of the battlefield, and win the day!

Know Your Enemy

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Looking for more information? You can check out our series of previews to learn more about the game’s unique rules for movement and melee combat, the wide range of tactical options presented by its ranged attacks and unique disk abilities, and you can also learn how the decisions you make at the beginning of each scenario greatly impact the course of your games.

Additionally, you can read up on army building and sneak a peak at the forces your foes are likely to field by reviewing our previews of the units available to each of the four Core Set: the Empire, Orcs, High Elves, and Chaos.

Finally, you can sate your curiosity by reading through the full Warhammer: Diskwars rules (pdf, 16.4 MB). They'll help you more fully understand the range of tactics available to every commander, but it's always up to you to make the winning decisions in the heat of battle!

Conquer the Old World

The battles of Warhammer: Diskwars are so fast and furious that you won’t want to miss a beat. Head to your local retailer to pick up your copy today, or order yours online through our webstore!

Warhammer: Diskwars is an epic game of heroes, armies, and brutal warfare for 2 - 4 players. At the game's heart art its disks, which represent heroes and units from the Old World. These maneuver across the battlefield by flipping end over end, and if any two disks overlap at the end of the round, they must fight!

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