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Grind Out Victory
Gearworld: The Borderlands, a Post-Apocalyptic Board Game, Is Now Available!
Gearworld: The Borderlands | Published 10 June 2013

The Sky People in the World Above have finally depleted their legendary stores of power, forcing them to come to the Borderlands. But they need the help of your Borderlanders if they wish to siphon the Fire Beneath into their floating cities. You and your fellow tribes must barter, bribe, and compete to be the first to raise the skyworks and reap the bounty of the Sky People’s favor. Gearworld: The Borderlands is now available at your local retailer and on our webstore!

Set in a steampunk apocalyptic future, Gearworld: The Borderlands puts you and your fellow players in charge of a few ramshackle tribes, fighting for whatever resources they can mine or gather in a destroyed world. Each round, players must try to scavenge a variety of resources, ranging from coal and gold, to horses and vital scraps. As the players collect more resources, their tribes become stronger, and are able to move closer to the ultimate goal of skywork construction.

Relations between the tribes are sometimes uneasy, but trade can exist, as we saw in an earlier preview. If a deal of mutual benefit can be reached, players are able to swap resources across borders, but everything must be transported somehow, and in the Borderlands, transport capabilities can be scarce. Foot and horseback may be the only options, but if a tribe is able to construct a riverboat or an ocean-going ship out of scraps, it can give them a significant transportation advantage.

Break What you Cannot Make

When the normal operations of commerce fail, your ships and horses can be used in a more martial purpose. After all, the Sky People only want a tribe that possesses skyworks—they couldn’t care less if that tribe actually made the skyworks. The iron, coal, and other resources your tribe gathers can produce advanced weaponry as well, giving your tribe the upper hand in their raids and conquests. If you want to garner more hints and tips about surviving in Gearworld, head over to the rules on our support page!

In the Borderlands, life is a short and uncertain affair at best. Even the main phases of resource production, trading, and transportation are subject to the winds of change, and unexpected events may jeopardize the occurrence of any one of these phases. Only the threat of imminent battle, and the struggle to build upward are constant in the shifting world of the Borderlands.

As the tribes race to construct their skyworks and stop their opponents from completing theirs, the smell of desperation is in the air. The skyworks will rise, tribes will perish, and fires of advancement will be fueled, one way or another. Are you equipped to handle the hardships of earning a life in the Borderlands? Head to your local retail store, or to our webstore, and pick up Gearworld: The Borderlands today!

Gearworld: The Borderlands is a game of negotiation, conquest, and construction in which two to four players compete to gain the favor of the Sky People for their tribe of scavengers in a post-apocalyptic landscape. Based on the classic board game Borderlands designed by Bill Eberle, Jack Kittredge, and Peter Olotka, Gearworld: The Borderlands has streamlined the original rules and re-imagined the game’s setting while retaining its predecessor’s spirit and core mechanics.

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