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Talisman: The City Is Now Available
Bring Bounties, Shops, and Powerful Guilds to Your Quest
Talisman | Published 23 January 2013


The City, the newest expansion for Talisman, is now available at your local retailer and our webstore! Venture into the dangerous streets and allies of this bustling metropolis, bring in bounties to get gold from the powerful guilds, and buy all manner of special items to give your characters the edge they need to win the day. The City features a supplementary game board, that fits against the main Talisman board and is entered through the City space. Beware, high walls cannot protect you from threats from within, and there are plenty of dangers brewing in the streets of the City.

Danger Awaits in the Big City

Many adventurers come to the City looking to make their fortune and take advantage of all the wonders of civilization have to offer. A new deck of city-themed Adventure cards reveal the danger that lurks just beneath the surface of the City as well as the rewards of this thriving economy.

Exciting adventures wait around every corner in the hustle and bustle of the City. Avoid the sorcerous scorn of a Grumpy Wizard, and stay on the good side of the Night Guard. Hire a Sellsword to watch your back as you fend off overgrown vermin like a Giant Rat. Trading Day lets players trade with each other no matter where they are, and making friends with an Urchin can help you navigate the City’s streets.

Finding a Shortcut can get you to the shopping district in record time, and a Physician can be found to accompany you on your travels if you’re worried about your health. Not all of these new encounters will lead an adventurer to doom and danger, but it pays to keep your wits about you in the City.

Of Guilds and Gold

All of this lively activity is centered around the commerce of the City, and the commerce of the City is centered around the powerful guilds. These three guilds wield their economic might to control the flow of money and the development of the City. Members of these guilds tend to stay out of everyday affairs personally, but their influence can be felt when perusing the Wanted List of available bounties at the City Gates.

If the guilds want creatures or characters tracked down and taken care of, then they’ll have a Wanted Poster displayed featuring the unlucky target. Depending on what bounty he has decided to pick up, a player can defeat a certain type of enemy for extra gold. Perhaps a local inventor has been creating mayhem with his Constructs. Defeat a Clockwork Dragon and turn in the trophy for seven gold. If the Assassin’s Guild is tired of all the do-gooders in town there may be a Wanted Poster for any character with Good alignment. Take out a fellow player with that alignment, and you can roll a die and gain to result in gold for your troubles. Bounties and the influence of the guild are explained in greater depth in our preview.

Collecting on bounties commissioned by the guilds is a great way to gain some extra gold, and the City has a wealth of opportunities for you to spend your newly acquired riches.

Money Talks

Gold makes the world go ‘round, and nowhere is this more true than in the shopping district of the City. The City’s stores line the outer edge of the region, and they provide a wide range of items that can help any adventurer gain an extra edge in their quest for the Crown of Command.

The Magic Emporium and the Sorcerer can provide more Craft-oriented characters with all the magical spells and supplies that they can carry. Sometimes all you need is a good sword, and the Armoury is sure to have some in stock for those who just want to swing a blade at their problems. The Apothecary has a potion for whatever ails you, and the Soothsayer can give your adventurer a second chance by replenishing his Fate tokens.

The Menagerie features an array of totally new Followers in the form of Pets. Each Pet brings a unique ability to the aid of its owner. Glitter the unicorn provides a constant source of spells, while Luna the owl lets you choose the value of your die when you spend a Fate token. Many more powerful pets await adventurers in the Menagerie, bringing interesting new abilities to bear in your quest.

The City is a great place to both make and spend your fortune, and the allure of wealth has brought many people to its gates. Six new characters have emerged from all walks of life to attempt to gain control of the Crown of Command. The Cat Burglar, the Barmaid, and the Spy have been previously introduced, and three more exciting adventurers are introduced in The City.

The City brings new surprises, characters, and ways to earn riches and gain rewards. The City for Talisman is now available, so visit your local retailer today. Take your quest for the Crown of Command to the shops and streets of this bustling metropolis!

Talisman is a classic board game of adventuring through the lands in search of the powerful Crown of Command. Take control of one of 14 different characters from a powerful Troll to a magical Druid, and enter a beloved world of fantasy adventure!

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