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There Will Be Blood
The Tome of Blood, a Supplement for Black Crusade, Is Available
Black Crusade | Published 07 December 2012

“Time is at an end for your people. Isolation may have kept you safe for thousands of years, hidden from the view of watchful and bloodthirsty eyes, but it has left you stagnant and unprepared for our arrival. It has not, however, left you without purpose. Through me you shall know your ultimate destiny. Your skulls will rest for all eternity at the feet of my master. Your purpose is to give glory to Khorne!”
      –Lord Argustus, Champion of Khorne, before the Slaughter of Philost

The Dark Gods of Chaos are beings of incalculable power and insidious influence who reside in the nightmare dimension known as the Realm of Chaos. It is a place where the impossible is routine and insanity is the norm. From within this twisted hellscape, the Ruinous Powers reach into the world of mortals, offering a portion of their power to the living in exchange for their loyalty and obedience. Khorne’s price for strength and power is simply that his followers engage in constant acts of both violence and rage. The Blood God demands death and destruction, mayhem and warfare. He would see his enemies drained of blood and their skulls harvested in brutal conflict, a galaxy aflame with endless war. Are you worthy to stand among his chosen?

The Tome of Blood, a supplement for Black Crusade, is now on sale at your local retailer and through our webstore! The Tome of Blood is the second of four books delving into the darkest secrets of the Ruinous Powers. It is devoted to Khorne, the Lord of Skulls, perhaps mightiest of the Chaos Gods, and his powerful minions who carry his blood-drenched banner across the worlds of the Screaming Vortex. Within its pages, Heretics gain terrible new armaments and weapons to wage war, new devices to carry their wrath across the battlefield, and more to aid them in their struggles against the hated Imperium.

The Tome of Blood introduces four new Heretic Archetypes, along with deadly armaments, mighty Daemon Engines, bloodthirsty Daemon Weapons, and much more for the frenzied disciples of the Lord of Carnage. Players of all alignments will develop powerful, unique Legacy Weapons and fight in huge Mass Combats against the lackeys of the Imperium. More blood-soaked areas of the Screaming Vortex are revealed, such as the gladiator pits of Kurse, Furia’s savage oceans, the xenos-infested worlds of Berin and Asphodel, and the infamous War Moons of Talax. Heretics will also go on an adventure into the deadly wastelands of Messia to wrest a legendary Daemon Weapon from a vast mutant horde!

The Power of Chaos

For more on The Tome of Blood, here’s a word from lead developer Tim Huckelbery:

For many players, Khorne personifies the sheer power of Chaos, and our goal for this, the second of the Tomes, was to capture the rage and fury of the Blood God in the pages. Everything in the book revolves around combat and conflict, so we made sure players get lots of new weapons to use in their crusades against the hated Imperium. The new Legacy Weapon rules allow Heretics to take their existing armaments and turn them into mighty devices that can tear apart their foes, and players also get new rules for riding bikes and steeds too. I found the image of the Heretics roaring into battle atop daemonic bikes and giant mutant beasts just too cool not to allow for it here!

The new worlds inside also allowed us to explore the nature of conflict and the various ways the Lord of Battles is worshipped across the Screaming Vortex. Many planets, such as Xurunt, are not even aware it is Khorne they turn their prayers to, but still their offerings of blood and skulls increase his power. The incredible art inside brings these worlds, and the rest of The Tome of Blood, to life perfectly with insane visions of crimson and brass, and seeing each new art piece as they arrived was always great fun. In each page within, you can be sure that There Will Be Blood! 

Look for The Tome of Blood on store shelves now, then reap new skulls for the Blood God!

Black Crusade is a roleplaying game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, a setting in the grim darkness of the far future. Players take on the roles of Disciples of the Dark Gods, working against the rule of the galaxy-spanning Imperium of Man and in pursuit of personal glory.

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