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Fly in Fast and Strike Hard
The SSU Airborne Walker Transport for Dust Tactics Is On Sale Now
Dust Warfare | Published 12 October 2012

Rain splashes on upturned Allied faces as helicopter blades sound from nearby. Bullets rip into the soggy earth as the strafing run from two SSU helicopters begins. The Allied walkers shrug off the barrage, and a beleaguered soldier ventures a relieved two SSU KV-47 Walkers open fire from behind their line, each armed with two RPG-47s. The Allied walkers and soldiers are quickly reduced to a smoking ruin, and the rain washes it all away as the SSU Airborne Walker Transport helicopters come back around for their comrades.

The SSU gains another formidable entry to its ranks today, as the SSU Airborne Walker Transport for Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare is now on sale at your local retailer and on our webstore! This helicopter swoops in fast and drops a KV-47 Walker into the midst of any fray. Launch an attack with speed and power, or bring backup to bear in a timely fashion. The walker has been modified for air transport, and has three optional builds: the Nastasia, the Nikita, and the Nina.

The Nastasia has a long-range gun well suited to blasting foes out of the air. The Nikita can strike hard from afar with a devastating artillery weapon when paired with a spotter squad. The Nina is very effective at laying waste to enemy walkers with its dual RPG-47s.

Coupling the speed of the transport with the strength and toughness of the KV-47 Walker will surely be a devastating combination for any SSU force, so head to your local retailer and buy this powerful pair today!

Dust Warfare offers players intense and engaging tabletop miniatures combat set in an alternate 1940s reality in which World War II continues to rage, fueled by the introduction of alien technology and the development of fearsome combat walkers.

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