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Announcing the Second Novel in the Identity Trilogy by Mel Odom
The Identity Trilogy | Published 12 September 2012

Whatever Simpkins had been about to say was forever lost in the explosion that erupted in the tunnel and briefly filled the space with thunder and flames and flying debris. Almost as soon as the explosion raced down the tunnel, it was sucked back through the five meter crater that opened up in the roof. The sudden suction created by the vacuum present on the lunar surface reversed the flames, pulling them backward and up through the ceiling. The flames spread thin and winked out as air evacuated from the tun- nel. Some of the heavier debris couldn’t break free of even the microgravity and remained buffeted by the wind.

Alarm klaxons rang throughout the tunnel and on the tube platform. At the same time, the tube shut down as sensors along the tunnel detected the size and scope of the breach. A transplas wall dropped down from the ceiling and locked into the docking groove at the front of the platform at the same time I was pulling Hondo to safety. He’d gotten caught in the vacuum and would have been in the way of the descending emergency wall if I hadn’t moved him.

As the wall locked into place, Hondo nodded at me gratefully. “Thanks.” His voice was weak in the thin air his lungs were striving to suck in.

“Just part of the service.”

•   •   •

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the upcoming release of Mimic, the second novel in The Identity Trilogy written by Mel Odom and set in the Android universe!

Looking Inward

New Angeles Detective Drake 3GI2RC is not your average Bioroid. First, he’s one of the New Angeles Police Department’s few android cops, and second, he’s haunted by another man’s memories. But even as Drake investigates a very public crime, he must look inward for answers. After all, where does his programming end, and his own personality begin?

Mel Odom is the author of over 140 science fiction and fantasy works, and the bestselling author of Stalker Analog and Lethal Interface. He also penned the Alex Award-winning series The Rover, and has written for numerous tie-in lines such as Forgotten Realms, Hellgate: London, and Shadowrun.

Learn more about Mimic on our website for The Identity Trilogy, and look for it to hit shelves at a bookstore near you sometime later this year!

Mel Odom’s The Identity Trilogy is a series of novels set in the Android universe, and it tells a story of murder, manipulation, and mystery in a world where humanity and technology collide.

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