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A Legendary Hero of the SSU
A Spotlight on the SSU Faction for Dust Tactics and Dust Warfare
Dust Warfare | Published 23 May 2012

Not one step back. That is the order from Comrade Stalin. Not one step for the Axis. Not one step for the Allies. We hold Zverograd, and none shall force us back. No other force has suffered as we have suffered. No other soldiers have hearts as strong as we have. We know suffering, we know pain, and we are not afraid.
    –Senior Sergeant Yakov Pavlov, translated from the original Russian

No other nation in the world has endured as much punishment as Russia. No other bloc has suffered as many casualties as the Sino-Soviet Union. Throughout the second World War, their lands have been destroyed and their resources plundered, but they have endured. Now, it’s 1947, World War II still rages, Axis and Allied combat walkers dominate the fields of battle, and the SSU rises to new strength, based upon their recent technological advances and the inspiring leadership of their legendary heroes!

A Legendary Tactician

Bullets roar through the streets of Zverograd, where Axis and Allied forces have engaged the SSU in ferocious battles. The city itself has been decimated, the vast majority of its buildings reduced to rubble. All this time SSU soldiers fight valiantly to hold their ground even though they don’t understand why all three armies want so desperately to seize control of the crumbling city. Whenever they grow weary, they turn to Senior Sergeant Yakov Pavlov for guidance. After all, he has been in this situation before.

Yakov became famous during the Battle of Stalingrad where his platoon seized a four-story residential building at a strategic crossroad, dug in, and withstood a two-month siege until he and his men were finally relieved by a Soviet counterattack. Today, Yakov’s story is an inspiration to SSU troops under siege in Zverograd. Their courage is bolstered by the legend of his defiant stand, and they want to make him proud.

In turn, Yakov bolsters your SSU forces with his Legendary Tactician ability. While he’s in your army, Yakov greatly increases your chances of winning initiative, meaning you can either force your opponent to reveal his plans before you act or you can seize the chance to strike at your foes before they can fire at you. Additionally, Yakov grants one step better cover to each infantry squad adjacent to him and to any that he joins (up to Hard Cover). When he helps your troops survive barrage after barrage of incoming fire, you can see why SSU soldiers everywhere take heart when Yakov helps lead their cause!

Of course, war isn’t all about defense, and Yakov understands the best way to wipe out enemy combatants is to do so quickly and efficiently. To this end, Yakov has taken to wielding a devastating Acid Thrower. With it, Yakov can take out an entire squad, or eat through the hulls of most medium walkers, in a single burst. Still, the Acid Thrower poses a couple of tactical concerns. Its range is limited, and it’s not always the most reliable weapon, rolling only one die to attack. Nonetheless, any SSU general would be proud to field this legendary hero in his army, and those looking to get the most out of Yakov and his Acid Thrower might want to partner him with the Snipers of the SSU Specialists Expansion, which is coming soon.

The battle rages in Zverograd! While SSU forces fortify their positions, Dust Warfare generals can look forward to commanding Yakov, and two other heroes, Nikolaï and Red Yana, with the upcoming release of the SSU Hero Pack Expansion, coming soon!

Dust Warfare offers players intense and engaging tabletop miniatures combat set in an alternate 1940s reality in which World War II continues to rage, fueled by the introduction of alien technology and the development of fearsome combat walkers.

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