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Time to Rock and Troll!
A new Troll web-scenario is now available to download
Battlelore | Published 23 December 2008

The mighty Troll is at it again!  Just as your troops have received their much needed rest from their last encounter, a mad assault breaks out at your camp.  In this Fantasy Flight web-exclusive scenario, your soldiers are making their bold stand against the mighty Troll once more!  Or, if you're lucky, fighting right there with him.  Troll scenario #55, designed by Richard Borg himself, can be found in the BattleLore support section

To shed some light on the beginnings of this colossal creature, we asked BattleLore designer Richard Borg some design questions about the Troll:

Q. When designing the Troll, what did you revolve your design around?
A.  As in all BattleLore design elements, we wanted to capture the perceived notion of how a Troll can and should act. The difficult part was then to make it function and play well in the world of BattleLore.

Q. What were some of the statistics you threw out when play-testing the Troll?
A.  Notions about a Troll…
• A Troll is larger than a Human fighter. - The original Troll figure example we received was Huge! Which did not work but it really looked cool.
• A Troll is powerful but slow and not very skilled or smart in battle. - We did not want to have a Troll's battle strength to be tied to his banner color.
• A Troll can regenerate. - He does this very well as written!
• A Troll is tough and would be difficult to defeat. - We did not want to have a Troll to be defeated the same way as other creatures, by taking a Creature Critical Hit check.

Q.  As a player, what are the major points to remember when going toe-to-toe with the Troll?
A.  I really feel one of the best parts of BattleLore is discovering how to overcome a problem, and a Troll can be a big problem. There are a number of interesting ways I have seen work to defeat the Troll, but at this point I would rather read on Fantasy Flight's BattleLore forum about how others went about taking on the Troll.

Q. The Troll web-scenarios are very intriguing. How did you design them to be balanced fighting the mighty Troll?
A. Experience, playing and watching, then making adjustments, more playtesting, these are the keys, in my opinion, to a good scenario design. I am very lucky that I have a great group of players here in the Orlando, Florida. We have very productive playtest sessions and their insight and suggestions really have helped make and keep BattleLore fun and interesting!

Enjoy trying to take this mighty creature down.  May the dice rolls be in your favor!

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