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The Laughter of Thirsting Gods
Disciples of the Dark Gods is here, plus a Web Enhancement
Dark Heresy | Published 22 December 2008

Greetings Dark Heresy Fans!

Disciples of the Dark Gods is our newest sourcebook for Dark Heresy, and it is quite a beast—240 pages chock-full of new rules (such as sorcery and daemon weapons), new enemies (such as Ogryn Beast Slavers and many more daemons), and tons of great background on the most dangerous heretical cults, secrets, and conspiracies that threaten the Calixis Sector. 

I knew this book would be special as soon as I began to read the manuscript. John French and Alan Bligh are the authors of Disciples of the Dark Gods, and they have crafted some chilling additions to the Dark Heresy setting that will add incredible things to any Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay campaign. Some of the things that struck me the most were the Logicians cult, a group that is committed to the tech-heresy of progress, and the Murder Room, a mysterious name that links some of the most savage and brutal attacks ever recorded by the Calixian authorities.


My favorite section, however, details the most wanted heretics of the region, ranging from the pyromancer known only as “The Burning Princess” to the traitorous ex-Missionary Coriolanus Vestra. In fact, these heretics are detailed in a set of Inquisitional Reports that are perfect for player handouts. So perfect that I’ve turned those reports into a web enhancement for Disciples of the Dark Gods


This download is available at the Dark Heresy Support page:

Disciples of the Dark Gods Web Enhancement (PDF, 532kb).


Keep a sharp eye out, because scattered through the book are many easter eggs and clues to upcoming books in the Dark Heresy game line!


<<The Next Step>>


Coming up after the holidays, I will be talking about the next Dark Heresy book coming soon to a store near you...Creatures Anathema! I have some great things to say about how this book came to be and some sneak peeks at the aliens, beasts, and daemons of the Calixis Sector that lurk inside its pages. Stay tuned, and until next time, may the light of the Golden Throne guide you!

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