News for December 2008
All Things Must Come to an End
Preparations for the coming League Apocalypse
Arkham Horror | Published 12 December 2008

The road of the league has been long and hard. Every step of the way has been fought for, tooth and nail. Shadowy figures, snakes in the guise of men, monsters without shape or number, infesting spidery broods, sanity shattering plays, tentacled horrors and things beyond the comprehension of mortals. It has led up to this. A showdown of legendary proportions, one that promises to leave the town of Arkham changed forever. Many investigators have played their part, and many have been lost along the way. This battle is a testament to the strength of conviction. Each investigator has a story, each investigator is a hero.

"Ashcan" Pete stands over the body. Another friend fallen. This fight has taken its toll. Pete's eyes seem to be looking at something beyond the contents of the room. He is beyond sorrow, beyond exhaustion. So many horrors faced, too many. The streets are filled with people running for their lives. Madness has gripped the city. "Ashcan" knows what the madness is. He has seen it coming for a long time. The nightmares are no match for the horror that he has faced in the streets. They now just show the next abomination, the next battle. He has embraced the nightmares, used them to his advantage. The apocalypse is here, and he is in the middle of it. Calling to Duke, "Ashcan" walks out of the room. He hefts the sword he took during a battle with flying creatures, and walks out to finish the fight.

The streets are flooded with people. They push and shove, but somehow Wendy walks past them without so much as a nudge. The moon stares down on the town of Arkham, eerie with its red glow. Wendy pauses as she glances up, the face of her father flashing before her. Disbelief flooding her, Wendy goes towards the man she hasn't seen in many years. The crowd shifts around her blocking her view. She slips between them, but when she gets through, her father is nowhere to be seen. Eyes downcast, Wendy spies a small slip of paper on the ground. Picking it up she sees that it has part of the symbol on her necklace. "Tonight will be tough, tougher than any you have seen before. Keep hidden, and stay safe. I love you, my little girl." Wendy touches the necklace, and a smile creeps across her face.


Pulling his coat tighter, Wilson heads in the direction of the river docks. Last he'd heard there was plenty of work for a guy who works hard, and doesn't ask too many questions. After all the awful things that have been going on, Wilson is looking to lose himself in work. A passing stranger bumps hard into Wilson as he walks by, nearly knocking him down. "Watch it pal!" yells Wilson. The man turns, and for a moment their eyes lock. Wilson feels the edges of his mind waver. The man turns back and hurries down the street. Shaking off the cold grasp, Wilson heads back down the road. He just can't shake the feeling of evil he got from the stranger. As the screams begin behind him, Wilson turns and breaks into a run. This town will be the death of me yet...

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