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A look at the promotional cards in our Arkham Horror and Android novels
News | Published 08 November 2011

With last week’s release of Golem and Dance of the Damned, two new novels are further deepening the rich and immersive worlds of Android and Arkham Horror. What you may not know, however, is that each of these novels (as well as Free Fall and Ghouls of the Miskatonic) offers a way to experience a small part of its narrative on your tabletop!

The paperback editions of Free Fall, Ghouls of the Miskatonic, Golem, and Dance of the Damned each feature an exclusive card promotion. By filling out a form on the final page of the book and sending it to FFG for redemption (along with a small shipping and handling charge), you’ll receive cards that bring some of these novels’ most memorable characters and events into your gaming experiences.

Puppets of otherworldly forces

Ghouls of the Miskatonic tells a harrowing tale of eldritch horrors, in which unlikely heroes battle cosmic evil despite the threats to their own fragile sanity. Oliver Grayson is a character who, through luck and determination, manages to escape his doom; his propensity for timely getaways is exemplified by his exclusive Arkham Horror ally card. With it, investigators can avoid (in part) the ill effects of failed Evade checks!

Want to raise the stakes? Dance of the Damned introduces a mythos card of the same name that begins in play, presenting a persistent challenge for investigators. Like a ticking time bomb, the Dance of the Damned is ever increasing in power, growing stronger every time an investigator spends a Clue token or resolves a Headline mythos card. If the team can meet its lofty requirements in time, they can forever seal an inter-dimensional gate... but if they dawdle too long, a grim curse will fall upon them.

A living, breathing New Angeles

But whereas Ghouls of the Miskatonic and Dance of the Damned each transport readers to a gin-fueled, prohibition-era past, Free Fall and Golem portray a more complex time period: a dystopian future in which mankind struggles to reconcile booming technology with its own humanity. The Android universe is simultaneously grim and hopeful, presenting a world of bustling megalopolises in which commerce has spread beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.

Android’s event cards were designed to contribute to this sense of a living, breathing New Angeles; important occurrences (which may or may not affect the players’ investigations) are always taking place throughout the city. With the promotional event cards included in Free Fall and Golem, players can add a new level of immersion to their Android games. By referencing climactic events from the books, these cards create the perception that the novels’ plots and your own investigation are unfolding concurrently!

With Free Fall’s promotional event card, Detective Rick Harrison’s dramatic encounters with the Beanstalk have consequences beyond his own mortal danger. Evoking one memorable scene in which Harrison briefly shuts down the Beanstalk (and another in which something far more shocking happens), “We’re Tracking You in Free Fall...” is an event card that both injures important suspects and limits a precious mode of transit.

Meanwhile, “A Golem, to Use the Vernacular” is an event card based on Mel Odom’s gripping thriller. There may be more to billionaire playboy Thomas Haas than meets the eye; Golem describes this prince of New Angeles’ nightlife as a man who “gathers” data for his own inscrutable purposes. With his event card, you can use Haas’ illicit talents to aid your case; discard it at an opportune time to look at another detective’s evidence.

The promotional cards for these four novels each deliver an exciting new way to enjoy your favorite games, while deepening the rich narratives of Arkham Horror and Android. Pick up these novels at your favorite book store, hobby games retailer, or on our webstore today! Remember: electronic versions of these novels do not include promotional card offers.

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Comments (9)

Mestre dos Magos
Published: 1/10/2012 11:17:47 AM

I wonder why not offer promo cards for the digital purchases?

I love to read on my kindle, and I want the promos, so I need to promote killing trees just so I can get a copy of the cards?


I really hoped FFG would rethink this...

Kracky McKraken
Published: 11/11/2011 7:20:31 AM

Free Fall is a pretty cool book if you're into Android. It really explains what a lot of the locations on the board are all about (Beanstalk, Humanity First etc...). So far, the detectives from the game have made brief cameos in the book, but it's not really about them, it's more about the Android world with a murder mystery thrown in. 


I sent away for the card and it didn't take 4-6 weeks, i don't even think it took two. I got the card pretty quick. I had to buy a $2 money order though because i don't use checks...


Hey FFG! Why in the world don't you use POD to expand Android?!? Build it, and they will come. You walked away from Android and put it out on the X-Mas sale. Boooo!



Published: 11/10/2011 7:44:38 AM

Well...Grayson's not that broken.  Sure, you can always Evade monsters, but that doesn't really accomplish anything, since your movement would stop anyway.  Yeah, he's very powerful, but I still think I'd prefer, say,  Granny Orne.

Jake yet again
Published: 11/9/2011 6:21:55 AM

Grayson is easy to fix. Just shift his power to an exhaust power. The first time you fail an Evade check you take no damage. Subsequent failures are punished as normal.

Published: 11/8/2011 11:27:11 PM

If you can possibly pass the evade check while you have Oliver Grayson, then it stands to reason that eventually you will pass the check. That is, if you have any dice at all (as opposed to 0) then you can just say that you auto-pass. You would only be subject to the infinite-loop-insanity condition when it was impossible for the battle to end, either by suffering the penalty for a failed evade check (none with Grayson) or a failed combat check.

But, then, what about when you can't pass the check, but can make a combat check? Is it sound to say that you can just choose, infinitely, never to attempt a combat check, and thus subject yourself to the infinite loop? Or must you eventually opt to make a combat check, subjecting yourself to the combat penalty?

Ugh. Oliver Grayson is both broken and poorly thought-out. I'm houseruling that his ability only works on Evade checks when you're not Fleeing (i.e., in combat with a monster). That's the only way to side-step this nonsense and bring him back down to a semi-reasonable level.

Thrift Thopter
Published: 11/8/2011 8:20:41 PM

 EDIT: Found it:

I read it in the third post of this BoardGameGeek thread: javascript:void(0);/*1320805057172*/

I'm not sure the original Fantasy Flight forum it came from, but ColtsFan76 agrees in the thread that this is the proper way of handling the situation.



Thrift Thopter
Published: 11/8/2011 8:10:40 PM

 @ Jones

I'll find the source later, but I believe the official rule is that when an investigator finds themselves in such an infinite loop, they're driven insane.

It shouldn't take me long to find the source.

Published: 11/8/2011 7:45:52 PM

 So, does Oliver Grayson create an infinite loop if I encounter a creature and keep failing the evade check instead of fighting (assuming the Horror check doesn't drive me insane)?

Published: 11/8/2011 7:31:27 PM

Awesome! That answered my question pretty quick.

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