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For the Glory of The Imperial Throne! 17
Announcing an upcoming Battle Pack for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game
Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game | Published 14 October 2011

Emperor Karl Franz has few serious eccentricities, but amongst his fervent passions is the furtherance of the Imperial Zoo, a vast complex of beast-pens and mosaic-covered caravans. Within its halls reside strange creatures that have been given as gifts from foreign potentates or hunted and captured from the hidden corners of the world.
   –Warhammer, “The Imperial Menagerie”

Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to announce the upcoming release of The Imperial Throne, the sixth glorious Battle Pack in The Capital Cycle for Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game.

With 60 new cards (3 copies each of 20 different cards), roughly half of which are devoted to the forces of the Empire of Man, The Imperial Throne strengthens the Imperial bid for order and progress within the Old World. Players of the Empire’s allies and enemies also find new units and support cards to stir up explosive new deck designs.

Out of many, one

The Imperial Throne introduces one of Emperor Karl Franz’s great passions, The Imperial Zoo (The Imperial Throne, 109), and while it may be strange to worry about developing a zoo during a time of war, the Empire’s focus on different types of troops and talents has led directly to the strength of its position.

From a dizzying array of warriors and specialists of different talents, the Empire’s armies war in unison to defend the nation. While some may wonder how such a diverse army can function in spite of its differences, a wise scholar once noted that the Empire’s diversity is the very thing that makes it strong. Enemies prepared for its spears and blades may falter against its black powder weapons. Enemies prepared for both, may suffer against the Empire’s magic or artillery fire.

However, the task of organizing these troops into battle-ready units is no small matter. Fortunately, the Empire benefits from the leadership of Emperor Karl Franz of Altdorf. A man capable of utilizing even the rare talents of a lunatic infamous for waging wars against forests and swarms of bees, the Emperor may view The Imperial Zoo as something of a breeding ground for new tactical ideas. Certainly, it can be such a resource for players of Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game.

Placed in your kingdom zone, The Imperial Zoo can start generating two resources each turn for two cost. Pay an additional two, and you can generate three resources per turn. Invest even more heavily, and your investments begin paying off immediately on the next turn.

New recruits

But what can you do with all those resources? The Imperial Throne offers fans of the Empire additional card draw with both a new quest and a new tactic card they can play to benefit from discarding redundant copies of The Imperial Zoo. Doubling of the Guard (The Imperial Throne, 112) allows Imperial players to benefit from extra copies of unique cards or early copies of expensive cards by discarding them to gain card draw equal to the cards’ loyalty costs. This means you can play all three copies of your strategy’s central cards and use the extras for purposes other than merely developing your zones.

Recruiting for War (The Imperial Throne, 120) furthers the increased viability of quests that The Capital Cycle introduces. As the Empire seeks to draw from its wide array of resources, the recruiting effort pays off as soon as it begins. Played for zero cost, Recruiting for War immediately allows you to draw a card, and with a unit assigned to the quest, it provides additional draw each time you play a non-Attachment support card, such as The Imperial Zoo.

When the Empire assembles its resources and draws up its new recruits, it is a mighty force of order in the Old World.

Look for The Imperial Throne to introduce The Imperial Zoo, Doubling of the Guard, Recruiting for War, and other exciting new cards to bolster the Empire’s bid for dominance when it releases in the first quarter of 2012!

Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game is a card game by Eric M. Lang in which 2 players develop their kingdoms and lay waste to their foes. Each side is comprised of either the forces of Order or the forces of Destruction as they seek to extend their empire to include the entire Old World. The Living Card Game format allows players to customize their gaming experience with monthly Battle Pack expansions to the core game.

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Comments (17)

Published: 11/3/2011 7:44:06 PM

 I believe the logic here is: everybody is playing empire, so let's give them good cards so they purchase this pack.

Published: 10/16/2011 5:13:46 PM

Dark Bunny - stop smoking whatever you smoke please. Comparing HE cards to Empire cards is like comparing Nissan Micra to Subaru Impreza. Surely both are cars and you can drive them but one seems a bit better and faster than other.

And WHI shouldn't be the game where one race is far better than other which is a fact right now. If you need a prove take a part in some big tournament and you'll see Empire domination at it.

As for mixing cards advice it is absolutely great idea and works ine for Dwarves supported by Empire, less HE supported by Empire. But that only reflects the problem of the game when non-Empire player must include Empire cards in his deck to get a chance to compete with pure Empire decks.


Dark Bunny Lord
Published: 10/16/2011 11:47:11 AM

 (submitted by itself before I could finish, odd)

*effective but doesn't mean it is lacking checks and balances with other cards in it's library. Not to mention if you absolutely must just mix in some empire with your HE deck, problem solved =/

Dark Bunny Lord
Published: 10/16/2011 11:45:55 AM

 So? Just because two races have cards that have similar effects but one is more effective doesn't mean that race is better all around. Unless you want to argue that all high elf cards are worse than all empire cards which is just plain not true. They're two completely different races, they play utterly differently and thus while some cards may share effects it does make the one card less effecti

Published: 10/16/2011 9:01:27 AM

Who cares Mamut? FFG surely don't as well as Empire players. Maybe FFG wants all player to play Empire only??? But what's the reason to release other races cards then?

Published: 10/16/2011 6:01:19 AM

because you just need to pay it's printed cost, and then one cash for second hammer. I know it cost aswell 1 resource to play, still you get for 2 cash 2 power support with no drawbacks, which other faction has something like this? None.

Dark Bunny Lord
Published: 10/16/2011 12:22:12 AM

 Lots of confusion on posters about such a simple card.

No, Imperial zoo does not have a cost of 0 to bring into play. It has a cost of 1 + 3 loyalty as is clearly shown in it's cost and loyalty section. That said yes, you do pay 0 to get the first resource on it, then 1 to get the second, 2 to get the third, 3 to get the fourth, etc, etc.

@Mamut: Why do you think it gives you two power just to cash? It comes in with 0 and then you may pay 1 to give it 1 power. So no it only gives you 1 power for it's initial cost.

Published: 10/15/2011 6:01:20 PM

Cheers for the preview

NOW how about a BOX with separators so we ca store stuff properly ? the core box dosent rly help you know ...

Published: 10/15/2011 10:33:06 AM

Oh wait, now I get it, you pay 0 for 1 token, then 1 for 1 token, 2 for 1 token, etc.

Published: 10/15/2011 10:30:48 AM

I'm a bit confused about the Imperial Zoo. Do you determine X when you pay for it? If that's the case, if it just came into play, since there would be no resource tokens on it, you could therefore only pay 0?

Published: 10/15/2011 8:54:14 AM

WOW! The regular updates have been wonderfull! Thank you guys. It's about time!

Kako K.
Published: 10/14/2011 5:07:45 PM

FFG Thanks for supporting WHI again!!! Great artwork, great addition to the game. Really looking forward to this cycle

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