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The Emperor's Wrath 18
Downloadable Deathwatch NPCs from Ultramarines: A Warhammer 40,000 Movie
Deathwatch | Published 20 June 2011

“Chaos breaks men's souls. Chaos brings the pestilence of daemons. Every time we march from our beloved fortress home on Macragge, we march to face down Chaos, and banish it. Do you think you are ready to do that, Proteus?”
“Yes Captain, I do.”
      –Ultramarines: A Warhammer 40,000 Movie

Responding to a distress call from an Imperial Shrine World, a fearless squad of Ultramarines are sent on a dangerous mission of investigation. But will they be ready for the foul minions of Chaos that await them?

Downloadable NPC character sheets, based on heroes from Ultramarines: A Warhammer 40,000 Movie, are now available on our Deathwatch support page! Add Proteus, Verenor, and even the revered Hammer of Macragge to your next Deathwatch campaign.

Deathwatch Ultramarines NPCs (high res pdf, 9.5 MB)
Deathwatch Ultramarines NPCs (low res pdf, 504 KB)

The Galaxy Burns

Ultramarines is a tense science-fantasy action thriller set in the 41st Milleneum, when the galaxy is burning and there is nothing but war. Mankind's sole defence against the lurking alien races are the Space Marines, genetically enhanced super-warriors, for whom loyalty to their emperor is all. The most fearless chapter of this mighty army is the Ultramarines.

Based on the internationally successful futuristic table-top war strategy game Warhammer 40,000, Ultramarines uses state-of-the-art facial capture technology and stunning CGI animation to bring powerfully to life the Space Marines characters and their adversaries. With a voice cast led by Terence Stamp (Superman, Valkyrie), John Hurt (Alien, Hellboy) and Sean Pertwee (Event Horizon, Dog Soldiers), Ultramarines is the first-ever feature length movie interpretation of the Warhammer 40,000 universe.

Download these Deathwatch-compatible NPCs on our support page, and visit for more on this gripping new film!

Own the Blu-ray

Looking for more? Ultramarines: A Warhammer 40,000 Movie will soon be available on Blu-ray! Debuting at Games Workshop’s upcoming UK Games Day, Codex Pictures’ high-definition version of Ultramarines presents the grim future in stunning detail, along with a host of exciting special features. Head to UK Games Day, meet the Codex Pictures crew, and grab your copy!

Deathwatch is a roleplaying game in which players take on the roles of the bio-engineered super-soldiers known as Space Marines. United with their battle-brothers, players will complete extraordinary missions involving some of the greatest heroes and deadliest opponents the Warhammer 40,000 universe has to offer.

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Comments (18)

Published: 9/10/2011 4:59:03 AM

To quote my own review on IMDB (SPOILERS!!): 


They had it all: a fan base of millions, big financial backers, a setting that has mesmerized people all over the world, great actors and a huge expectancy from all the people who wanted to see it.

And what did they do? They made a film that's infinitely weaker than the much shorter computer game intros that were made for the Dawn of War games! The people that made the intros (especially for the first DoW game) is immensely more gifted and has more insight, know-how and general interest in the WH40K setting than the ones making this "film".

How can the makers of the game, the company of Games Workshop for instance, even begin to contemplate giving this so-called movie a "go". It totally inconceivable!

1. The so-called "marines" are on an IQ-level similar to the Orks.

2. The "tactic" that these super humans use while going on this mission is so full of holes and generally just without any sort of prepared thought. Remember; these are the Ultramarines, the same warriors whose leader wrote the Codex of the Adeptus Astartes. This codex allegedly tells how a successful strategy can be obtained from thousands of different battle situations, like Sun Tzu's "The Art of War".

3. The chaos marines also behaved totally without thought, and only threw themselves against the imperial marines in wave after wave. All the imperials had to do, was standing put and shoot. And these, the chaos marines, are supposed to be descended from Warmaster Horus himself, the ones that calls themselves the Black Legion. These should be the best of all chaos marines! No, this has to be forgotten and the filmmakers need to go back to their draw boards. Make a new, much improved film, and maybe I'll watch.

Published: 8/1/2011 9:36:03 PM

 If I didn't hate the Ultramarines so much I would enjoy this a lot more, but still, they look like good characters and I always want more stuff to add to my Deathwatch games.

Published: 7/19/2011 5:29:20 PM

Good Movie ! I like the voice casting they take for the characters ! I regret  that we not see the chaplain more and in close combat. But overall a great movie ! WE MARCH FOR MACRAGGE ! AND WE SHALL KNOWN NO FEAR !

Captain Harlock
Published: 7/14/2011 3:38:46 PM

Movie was Ok and fun enough, but the fan made film Damnatus was actually more in keeping with 40k. Shame about german intellectual property laws...

Published: 7/5/2011 12:49:55 AM

I'd like to see more Characters from the movie as well, VERY fun movie! :)

Nerd King
Published: 6/22/2011 7:23:25 AM

Looks good - would be nice to have the XP values for each of them (to better integrate them in games as playable PCs) and I'd love to see more of the "cast" stated out.

Also I notice that when reviewing the file the page numbers on screen (not on the page layout itself) are numbered 357-359...could this mean that this is extra content from another publication?  If so, what?  Could we see a Space Marines chapters/signature characters sourcebook in the future?

Published: 6/21/2011 2:35:56 PM

Loved the movie and now got the pdfs ..sweet :)

Published: 6/21/2011 1:03:57 PM

I liked the movie, wasn't great but it was reasonably entertaining. I just wish the makers would let me buy it from them, I've emailed them several times about purchasing it but they won't respond.

I would like to see the stats for the rest of the team - especially Carnak.

Urlock Gaur
Published: 6/21/2011 11:26:44 AM

Movie was awful.  I couldn't even make it halfway through it.  Had to turn it off before I completely lost any interest in Games Workshop.

Published: 6/21/2011 9:25:46 AM

would like to see more of the characters from the film.

Published: 6/21/2011 7:13:23 AM

I'm not even really a 40k fan, and I thought this movie was pretty decent.

Published: 6/21/2011 5:35:22 AM

Ok... this is random.

I mean, you'd've thought GW would have done a bit of cross-promotion for this movie when it came out - stats in WD, scenarios, even Ltd. Ed. miniatures. But no, it comes down to FFG to do it many months after.


Still, I like what's there. :)


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