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Ducal Jubilee 5
A preview of the upcoming revised edition of Arcana
Arcana Revised Edition | Published 15 June 2011

The lure of power in Cadwallon draws the most dynamic guilds to a sly competition for complete control. Arcane relics, precious resources, and influential recruits await the guild that can navigate the mysteries of the city’s districts.

Recently, Fantasy Flight Games announced the upcoming release of the revised edition of Arcana, a card game of intrigue, bribery, and coercion for 2-4 players. The revised edition of Arcana offers players new guilds and new optional rules that enhance the game’s strategic options. Today, we’ll examine two of these optional rules that players can incorporate into their Arcana experience: Guild Masters and Random Events.

In Arcana you lead one of six unique guilds, initiates of an exclusive area of power in Cadwallon, vying for domination of the city’s districts. Send your agents to secure the aid of influential citizens and gain precious relics in your quest for ultimate authority. The guild with the most victory points wins!

Electing your leader

Every successful guild is led by a strong leader, someone who can offer them a unique advantage. How will your appointed Guild Master bring you to greatness?

Guild Masters are one of the optional variants that players can add to their games to create new challenges.

If this variant is chosen, each player chooses one of three available masters for his guild before the game begins. Each Guild Master has a unique ability that will offer your guild an advantage. However, as some abilities can greatly influence a player’s turn, the ability of Guild Masters with a red symbol in the bottom left of their card can only be used once each round. If no symbol is shown beside the text, the ability can be used any number of times during a round.

In the Guild of Fortune-Tellers, Noc-Atlalt, the Lord of Winds, will grant you the ability to thwart an opponent’s plan by randomly choosing which card he must play on his next turn. Did you foresee the weakest card to play? Or perhaps you foiled his attempt to bribe a Personality and immediately win the Stake.

Vladar, from the Guild of Architects, is a Guild Master who will allow you to gain an immediate advantage for the next round by taking control of an opponent’s discarded Militia card and assigning him to a district. Militia cards are another optional variant that players can add to their game. A Player can discard a Stake card from his hand to obtain the support of the Militia, a Militia card is drawn and assigned to a district for that round and discarded during the Resolution phase.

Who will you choose to lead?

Unexpected occurrences

In the infamous city of Cadwallon anything can happen, and most often does. Your guild’s Agents must be prepared for any hidden surprises.

The Random Event card variant introduces round-specific rules to your game. The Ducal Jubilee is randomly mixed in with the last three Event cards in this variant, as opposed to the Neutral District in normal games. The Ducal Jubilee announces the end of the game; when it is revealed you have just one last round of play.

At the beginning of each round the top Event card is flipped and placed in the center of the table, and a second card is flipped and placed on the the top of the Event deck. This card’s effect won’t apply until the following round, but allows you to view the upcoming effect and gauge the challenge it presents.

Cards such as Festival of Lanterns change the dynamic of card play for the round. Forcing players to play their cards simultaneously on every turn puts tension on each card reveal and placement. Will your neighbor place a bribe when you are placing another guild member? Other cards such as Festival of Ashes can prove challenging or cards like the Day of Abundance can be simply beneficial, especially if your deck is compiled of strong cards.

Look for more previews for the revised edition of Arcana in the coming weeks, and prepare to fight for control when the revised edition of Arcana is released in the third quarter of 2011!

Set in the vibrant city of Cadwallon, Arcana is a card game of intrigue and power for 2-4 players, pitting powerful guilds against one another in a struggle for supremacy.

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Comments (5)

Published: 3/1/2012 1:52:06 PM

One of my favourite games - RECOMENDATION

The Spaniard
Published: 6/16/2011 3:19:26 PM
FFG Staff

 Arcana (first edition) was handled by a different publisher (AEG) this is FFG's core version of this game.


Published: 6/16/2011 2:23:23 PM


No you aren't required to buy the whole game again. Who said they were making you do that? I didn't know FFG had thugs that go out and force people to buy games. I wonder if they're hiring for that position.


Published: 6/16/2011 1:32:50 PM

Why the revised version? what was so messed up in the first game that it needs to be totally revised? I'm all for another guild and more options but am I really required to by the whole game again?

Published: 6/15/2011 5:50:00 PM

The artwork ROCKs! I haven't played the game, but the artwork alone might sell me on it.

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