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The Rules for Shards of the Throne are Online 15
Find them on the Twilight Imperium support page, then place your pre-order!
Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition | Published 02 May 2011

Centuries of war, followed by further centuries of xenophobic isolation, have left the once powerful empire little more than a distant memory. But even as the great races struggle to reclaim some semblance of their former glory, ambition grows unchecked in their hearts. Some are guided by a lust for power, others by a benevolent desire for peace. Ancient civilizations harbor ancient grudges, while newcomers to the galaxy work to further their own inscrutable agendas. But no matter their reasons, the horrors of the Twilight Wars have not deterred the great races from their prize; it has only delayed them.

A Guide to Galactic Dominance

The release of Shards of the Throne, the highly anticipated expansion to Twilight Imperium, is coming soon. So far, we’ve previewed the secrecy and double-dealings of the Political Intrigue option and the added firepower of Mechanized Units, Flagships, and Mercenaries. Today, we’re pleased to present the rules for Shards of the Throne (pdf, 2.9 MB) on our support page.

Download them to learn more, then head to your favorite retailer and pre-order your copy!

Twilight Imperium is a board game of galactic politics, trade, and warfare. 3-6 players each control an acclaimed civilization, vying for galactic supremacy through any means necessary.  Each civilization provides an entirely different experience with their own individual abilities and play styles. Are you ready for another Age of Twilight?

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Comments (15)

Published: 6/27/2011 9:13:26 PM

All sold out where i go and they have problems ordering more.Can't wait to try it.

Inquisitor Renfield
Published: 6/27/2011 3:43:32 PM

We got a chance to play this last week, it's an amazing addition to the TI game, a must have.

Published: 5/11/2011 3:39:22 PM

 I never get sick of new races/new stuff. This game is redonkulous, 

Published: 5/4/2011 8:36:29 AM

The lack of the tech tree in the manual is a bit disconcerting... I always found that visualization very helpful compared to just referencing the cards. Hopefully FFG can put it out in a separate helper PDF!

Ajax-Hesh 60563.3791.34321.B
Published: 5/3/2011 12:47:21 PM

Seems a very good expansion to me. It's hard to build an opinion on the Mecha-Units untill we know what is their scoring roll (a good one could be a 7 or 6, like PDS). Same for the Flagships: 17 different ships are quite hard to balance, but I think it's not time for panic yet. At the moment the big flaw seems to be the Politc 2/Assembly 2 Strategic Card: why should I pick it? The Secondary Ability gives you a much greater edge than the First one. I'm becoming also quite dubious about the entire Envoy concept.. Bodyguard spam incoming?

I'm in love with Age of the Empire. The Treaties system in particular looks really good to me. The Civilization Strategy Card is UBER if you are the Lazax Player.. But if not has the same problem of Politic 2, according to me.

Looking forward to lay my hands on Shards of the Throne.

Published: 5/3/2011 9:46:36 AM

So the new Strategy cards suck ass. That's fine. I guess you can still add some of the new portions into old cards (say dropping 2 TG off the primary for Trade II and adding in the Mercenaries portion).

Mechanized units don't add anything new, really. They don't seem like all that interesting of an addition.

Flagships are awesome. Gonna be a lot of great theme-ishness in there.

The new political system could be fun if you tinkered with it a bit, but the new card accompanying it is worthless and nobody will pick it.

Promissory notes are cool.

Most interesting for me are the new technologies, both racial and normal. Shame they aren't in the rulebook. Very interested in those. One thing I noticed on page 5 was "3 Race-Specific Technology Tokens". Sort of like High Alert? That's pretty nifty.

Overall it appears to be a good 7 or 8 out of 10. Not as essential as Shattered Empire, but for me it's a buy since even if some of the portions don't add anything to the game, they can still be changed. Twilight Imperium is so easily modded it's insane.

Published: 5/3/2011 7:58:34 AM

I can't wait.  I have my (huge) table here waiting for it.

Published: 5/3/2011 7:22:28 AM

"Shards of the Throne" is an awesome example for an expansion. So I wonder why you didn't go the same route for the Exodus Expansion for Battlestar Galactica? "Shards" expands both core game and the previous expansion, while mixing Exodus with Pegasus is a lot less elegant and provides a lot less cumulative enhancements (that is enhancements that build on Pegasus and/or improve it). I sincerely hope FFG goes the route of "Shards" for future expansions for BSG and most of their other games (Talisman and Arkham Horrror are exceptions where this is not necessary).

Published: 5/3/2011 12:44:11 AM

Even after a quick read, I'm already intrigued. There are some things I'm very excited about, and some things I'm kinda scratching my head on. I've already pre-ordered it at my Comic Shop, so I can't wait till it comes out.

Tarnis Phoenix
Published: 5/2/2011 11:14:15 PM

 You don't see the point of a blackhole? Its called a gravity well but it is very risky to fly through... got that next to your home system as a buffer? According to the rule book you have a nasty chance to lose ships.

Published: 5/2/2011 10:41:39 PM

Sweetness. Love the new Assembly card (and new intrigue, sweet!). Love the new Trade idea (with mercenaries!) Lovin' the flagships, and the tanks. And man, I got to play those guys with the wormhole home system! Talk about defensive. Heck, I like everything except the gravity wells..... Don't really see the point of those.... 

Published: 5/2/2011 9:44:12 PM

no tech explanation !! At least for the ones that arent for the racessss.

Of course, two for the new units... but i hope thats more  ;-)

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