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A look at the BBQ Squad expansion for Dust Tactics
Dust Tactics | Published 20 April 2011

The exciting game of Dust Tactics continues to provide players with more expansions to join their fights on the battlefield. However, players may ask themselves, which expansion will serve me best in a given situation, and what will they offer to my army?

Today, we’ll be looking at the Allied BBQ Squad expansion for Dust Tactics, the unique abilities they contribute to the Allied forces, how to utilize them on the battlefield, and the benefits of embedding Allied heroes with them.

A Massive Serving of Damage

The BBQ Squad is an elite group of assault rangers, equipped with brutal firepower. Use them correctly, and they become one of the most powerful units in your arsenal. With Shotguns, a Flamethrower, and Demo Charges, the BBQ Squad is capable of destroying opposing infantry and tanks.

Although these rangers only have a weapon range of 1, they are specialists in close range combat, and their weapon range is counteracted by their Fast ability, which allows them to move an additional space each turn. Currently they are the infantry squad in the game with this ability.

After utilizing the Fast ability to set your rangers up in an adjoining square, annihilate a tank with one hit from your Flamethrower. Or dominate the fight against other infantry units; the BBQ Squad is able to roll more dice against other units; in fact they can roll up to 17 dice against an opposing squad of five soldiers.

With four Shotguns, one Flamethrower, and five Demo Charges, the BBQ Squad is an intimidating threat. These Demo Charges are useful against tanks, making these rangers the best Allied anti-tank weapon in game.

This firepower provides the BBQ Squad with numerous different combinations, allowing them to destroy a combination of tanks and squads in a single round. For example, these rangers could destroy two tanks and an infantry squad in one turn depending on movement and enemy placement.

With such destructive powers your BBQ Squad may become a popular Axis target. To prevent their demise combine their movement with a Recon Rangers Squad, who provide them with cover fire and set them up for an advantageous strike.

Mix in One Hero

Embed the BBQ Squad with one of the Allies’ powerful heroes to provide them with even more battle advantages and with survivability. Heroes provide squads with four extra wounds that will soak up some of the damage meant for the rangers. Players can choose from Captain Joseph Brown, Master Sergeant Rosie Donovan, or the upcoming Johnny One-Eye, currently available as a preview figure in Game Night kits.

Captain Joseph Brown is ready to provide the BBQ Squad with his Grenade Launcher and his Black Ops ability. Black Ops will provide the BBQ Squad and the entire Allied forces with an extra die to roll to determine who wins the initiative. Use this ability to begin the round then combine your Flamethrower with Joe’s Grenade Launcher to destroy units under any cover.

Master Sergeant Rosie Donovan, the most well known Sergeant of the whole Allied army, will bring you her handy Tank Head repair skills and more incredible firepower with her giant Bazooka. Use her Bazooka along with the BBQ Squad’s other anti-tank weaponry to further decimate the Axis’ tanks.

Perhaps the most advantageous hero to join the BBQ Squad would be Johnny One-Eye. Using his Badass skill while commanding your assault rangers provides all of them with unlimited ammo! Though this skill does not affect the number of weapons a player can use per activation, the Badass skill provides this squad with unlimited Demo Charges, and a possible battlefield of tanks to decimate.

Alert the troops! More Dust Tactics strategies will be deployed to you soon.

Dust Tactics is a tactical miniatures game of brutal combat for 2-4 players. Based on the popular universe created by artist Paolo Parente, Dust Tactics presents an alternate 1940s reality in which alien technology fuels gigantic machines of war, and the world's superpowers clash over rare mineral deposits that could ultimately decide the outcome of WWII.

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Published: 4/25/2011 6:25:03 PM

A great article. Informative ! I had forgotten the fast specialty movement . Now my BBQ Squad can pour out destruction  swiftly. Death up close . None shall pass. !

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