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Ascending into the Deep 14
A Call of Cthulhu weekly spotlight by guest writer Marius Hartland
Call of Cthulhu LCG | Published 15 April 2011

Y'ha-nthlei was not destroyed when the upper-earth men shot death into the sea. It was hurt, but not destroyed. The Deep Ones could never be destroyed, even though the palaeogean magic of the forgotten Old Ones might sometimes check them.
     - H.P. Lovecraft – The Shadow over Innsmouth


I write this to once again emphasize why our work is so important. I regret the necessity of these cloak-and-dagger communications, but the general public must remain unaware, for their own protection.

Last night’s house fire near the university campus left very little to analyze. The inhabitant, a man in his early twenties who studied at Miskatonic University, was not there when the police arrived, and no remains were found.

What the police do not know is that the man had been in possession of a letter, as well as a strange statue with vaguely Mesopotamian and Aztec features. It is crafted out of an unknown, metallic green material, set with outlandish gems for eyes that seem to radiate malice with their purple-green glow. The letter offers a little insight into the statue’s origins. As to the cause of the fire, that’s another matter entirely:

Click the above image to read the letter from Dean Tomson (pdf, 264 KB)

Classified Information

The tragic fire near the university couldn’t be avoided. When we entered the house he was lying on the ground, gasping for air. His skin was stonelike, scaled like that of a fish, but cracked. A strange orange ichor was pouring from his wounds. We were too late to question him, and shooting him seemed the most merciful thing to do. The body will not –must not– be found. We have seen to it.

There were old tomes and scrolls everywhere. It would be disastrous to let those fall into the wrong hands, so we were forced to burn everything. We found a statue, made from the same unknown metallic green material as the others. It couldn’t be destroyed, so we’ve send it to the warehouse.

We also found the attached letter, which will be logged for evidence. Not that it tells us much – and it wouldn’t even make sense to those egg-heads at the University. The rest must be burned down. I don’t know who we can trust, even within the police force, so we must be careful.

Tragic as it may be, the monsters have to be stopped, even if it means that sometimes we have to become monsters ourselves.

Best regards,

Norman Blackwood, Jr.

•   •   •

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Comments (14)

Published: 4/15/2011 4:55:30 PM

Well they could always splash some shub or play Political Demonstration

Published: 4/15/2011 4:41:21 PM

The big deal here is "printed skill" & not just skill.

That blows. So much for weenies. Hell, so much for Miskatonic.

Every time Nerds get a step up, they get knocked back down to low double digit I.Q levels.

Great card & all, but.... I am personally non-plussed.

I love the letterhead by the way. Fun touch for the article.



By the way, your announcment comment section is still screwed up. The word with the letters "A N D" cannot be typed out normally, an ampersand (&) is required to represent the word.

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