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There Be Trolls Here 17
Announcing Conflict at the Carrock, an Adventure Pack for The Lord of the Rings
The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game | Published 17 March 2011

While searching for Gollum along the banks of the Anduin, the heroes hear rumours of a group of Trolls that have come to the Carrock, bringing chaos and strife to the valley. The heroes seek out Grimbeorn the Old to assist him in driving the intrusive Trolls back to the mountains from which they came.

Fantasy Flight Games is excited to announce the upcoming release of Conflict at the Carrock, the second Adventure Pack in the Shadows of Mirkwood cycle for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game. Hot on the trail of Gollum, the heroes venture down the banks of the Anduin, only to hear whispers of a new threat looming.

An Unkind Gathering

Conflict at the Carrock contains 60 fixed cards from the Shadows of Mirkwood cycle, continuing the heroes’ quest to find and apprehend the creature Gollum. A new hero joins the quest, along with three copies of nine new player cards from all four spheres, a new deck of Encounter cards, and the Conflict at the Carrock Quest cards. Tread carefully in search of Grimbeorn, or you might find yourself stuffed in a sack waiting to be cooked up as a tasty Troll treat.

A variety of new player cards offer exciting deck-building options, featuring new and familiar faces. Frodo Baggins is beginning to feel restless in the Shire while the Beorning Beekeepers offer their assistance to anyone willing to help drive the troublesome Trolls away. Meanwhile, a dwarf Long-beard Mapmaker discovers a hidden Dúnedain Warning that just might help the heroes avoid defeat. But enemies abound!

Conflict at the Carrock focuses on the lumbering Trolls terrorizing the Beornings, and while facing them in combat is fearful enough, Sacked! cards will endanger your heroes at every turn. Muck Adders will snap at your heels while you try to navigate the difficult locations surrounding the Carrock.

Be prepared for Trolls when Conflict at the Carrock hits store shelves this spring!

The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game is a cooperative card game that puts 1-2 players (or up to four with an additional Core Set) in control of the most powerful characters and artifacts of Middle-earth. Players will select heroes, gather allies, acquire artifacts, and coordinate their efforts to face Middle-earth’s most dangerous fiends. The Living Card Game format allows players to customize their gaming experience with monthly Adventure Pack expansions to the core game.

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Comments (17)

Published: 3/17/2011 6:05:35 PM

 ...cannot wait... this game looks "a new way to think a card game"... and I love this!!!

Published: 3/17/2011 5:56:34 PM

Very cool, this one sounds fun. I wonder who the new hero will be ?

Published: 3/17/2011 5:44:35 PM

This adventure pack sounds more fun than the first. I can't wait to get my hands on this game, and the monthly dose of solo adventuring.

Published: 3/17/2011 4:50:55 PM

 There be trolls here.

Published: 3/17/2011 4:45:54 PM

I don't care what anyone says, the business model for this game is outstanding. Specifically selling you new adventures instead of just new cards? Brilliant.

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