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The Dragon Wakes 2
Dragonheart, a card game for two players, is now on sale
Dragonheart | Published 01 October 2010

An evil wizard has placed the Great Dragon, the protector of the realm, into a stony slumber, its fiery breath locked away in a ruby jewel called the Dragonheart. With the land’s guardian imprisoned, trolls and fire dragons run amuck, barely held in check by brave knights and canny huntresses. Meanwhile, enigmatic sorceresses tap the magic of the Dragonheart to their own ends. If you can bring order to these factions before your opponent does, you’ll control the fate the Great Dragon... and the realm itself.

Dragonheart, a card game of brave heroes and mighty creatures for two players, is now on sale at your local retailer and on our webstore! In this quick and exciting card game, you and an opponent will struggle for control over a massive dragon whose power is trapped within a fiery jewel.

As a disciple of the Great Dragon, it is up to you bring order to the various factions in an attempt to free him. Or, as a minion of the evil wizard, you must see that the Great Dragon sleeps forever. Will you free the people of the land from the terrors that plague them, or forever doom them to suffering?

Head to our description page for a quick overview of play, then head to your local retailer and claim the dragon’s power for your own!

Dragonheart is a quick and light board game for two players, playable in only 20 minutes. Players try to accumulate points by playing cards to and collecting cards from the game board. The player with the most points at the end of the game determines the fate of the Great Dragon, and the land itself.

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Published: 10/1/2010 10:56:11 PM

It really shouldn't be any good at all.  It has a good bit of luck of the draw in it..But it's actually very charming and magical.  The more you play the more you see the strategy in it.  Besides the normal hand management there is a press your luck element that isn't blind but rather informed based upon watching just the last play or two of your opponent.  The board is also essential in this game, not some superficial addon.  The board additionally makes the game a breeze to teach since the arrows represent how the cards interact.  I've found playing two games and totally the points or just playing 2 out of 3 wins offsets any single string of bad luck in the cards a single game might have.  Experienced players will complete a game in under 10 minutes. 

Published: 10/1/2010 9:08:04 PM

 Is this any good?

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