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A Valiant Horseman 26
A look at the Chivalric Knight and Stable Cards in Talisman: The Sacred Pool
Talisman | Published 22 September 2010

The quest for the Crown of Command attracts all sorts of characters, both heroic and villainous. While some seek the Crown to dominate the realms, others seek it to guard them. Today’s preview of The Sacred Pool, the upcoming expansion for Talisman, will focus on latter - a brave adventurer whose cause to quest is righteous.

Previously we explored Quest Rewards and the dangerous Magus and what they add to Talisman. Today we will take a look at the Chivalric Knight.

With his trusty steed, the Chivalric Knight ventures the realm with pure and noble intentions. He seeks the Crown of Command to protect his cherished land will not sit idly while injustice runs rampant.

Because of this, the Chivalric Knight is able to ride heedlessly into whatever danger he sees, aiding his fellow adventurers whether they ask for assistance or not. While his intentions are pure, he will not turn away from a reward when it is presented to him. With The Sacred Pool’s addition of Quest Reward cards, the Chivalric Knight could become rather powerful by simply aiding his reluctant comrades.

And what would a knight be without his trusty steed?

Another addition The Sacred Pool brings is the Stable Deck, which acts like a Purchase Deck. Certain Adventure cards, such as Livery Stable, will allow players to purchase beasts of burden from the Stable Deck.

Keep checking back for a deeper glimpse into The Sacred Pool!

. . .

Talisman is a classic board game of adventuring through the lands in search of the powerful Crown of Command. Take control of one of 14 different characters from a powerful Troll to a magical Druid, and enter a beloved world of fantasy adventure!

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Comments (26)

Published: 9/23/2010 2:13:21 PM

Ah, Cvetko1987, you're sissy spell-user :P ? Yeah, that would be a decent enough reason to do it.

Published: 9/23/2010 1:32:02 PM

Finger Of Death...before you engage in battle you can take two lives from character...and perhaps dragons teeth or something and you can almost kill the character:) Thats why i was asking;)Thenks for the answer:)

Published: 9/23/2010 8:22:32 AM

@ Cvetko1987: Why would you even attack people of higher Strength? Mean, picking on weaklings, especially if they have good stuff, is the real stuff of legends :D ! And yes, Druid with Ring + Homunculus has Str 4, if Knight still has Str 3, can't attack.

Published: 9/23/2010 7:47:10 AM

We can only hope that quest reward deck is full of nice things...but still i think that this knight is not so good,beacuse of the 3rd ability,can not attack characters that have less strength. Does the ring+humonculus counts if the knight has 3 strength and the druid has strength 2 plus ring+humonculus??? In that case the druid has 4 strength and the knight cannot attack him??? Thank you!

Published: 9/23/2010 6:04:26 AM

 Whenever? Not just once per turn? Looks pretty powerfull to me. with more players first thing I will do is go into outer region and then just skip my turn helping others 2-3 times per round.

Published: 9/23/2010 5:57:20 AM

First off, it's not the Inner ring (or region), it's the Middle Region. Second, @ fatolaf:

"@GrimAce - There were a few who started off in the inner ring in the original game, and pretty soon they all ended up in the outer ring.."

Only character to date that starts on the Middle Region is the Warlock (from Frostmarch). 1-2nd and all other R4th characters all start on the Outer Region. Few had something like "Any Woods", but IIRC, the rules stated they had to start on the Outer Region as well (not too sure about this, only have the Expert Rulebook on hand and it's not totally RAW). But R4th I'm sure, only the Warlock.

And I'm still not happy about people starting on the Middle Region, but at least the Chivalric Knight doesn't have crazy spell-cycling abilities.

Published: 9/23/2010 5:48:56 AM

Seems balanced (he's a 3/3 character with 2 fates - if it weren't for his Quest power, he'd be pretty much doomed)

Published: 9/23/2010 5:13:00 AM

"This character starts in the inner ring. I wonder if that would change things"

@GrimAce - There were a few who started off in the inner ring in the original game, and pretty soon they all ended up in the outer ring..


He's a nice looking character, good to see a totally original one for once. I just hope the Troll is better than it's original counter part

Published: 9/23/2010 2:18:07 AM

I love that second Special Ability. He could become a real favourite.

Published: 9/22/2010 8:32:19 PM

Moving to the players location to help defeat an enemy seem really good and great interaction between players.

Published: 9/22/2010 7:25:01 PM

This character starts in the inner ring. I wonder if that would change things. Looks interesting in any case.

Published: 9/22/2010 7:02:34 PM

Hmm...we will see what will come out of this:)

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