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In the Labyrinth He Dwells 17
Announcing the upcoming release of Asteros & Daedalus Map Pack for Tannhäuser
Tannhauser | Published 15 September 2010

“They say there’s a monster down there, Cap. Been chained up for years.”

Captain John MacNeal loaded his flash-gun, staring down into the Labyrinth. “There’s a weapon down there, soldier.” He replied, signaling for his squad to move out. “A weapon we’ll need if we hope to win this war...”

Fantasy Flight Games is excited to announce the upcoming release of Asteros, a single figure expansion for Tannhäuser! Hidden deep within the Labyrinth for centuries, the minotaur Asteros yearns to wreck havoc on the world above. He is an unnatural beast that cannot be reasoned with. Do you dare unchain him?

Asteros comes packaged with a detailed pre-painted figure of the legendary minotaur, equipped with rules, tokens, and a unique scenario. With no prior allegiances, Asteros can be used with any faction. Since Asteros is an Epic Hero, he is fielded with a smaller force than normal, replacing a hero and a trooper on account of his legendary power and sheer size.

With the upcoming release of the first Tannhäuser map pack Daedalus, players can encounter Asteros in the very place he was banished. Daedalus features a map of the Labyrinth of Minos which once served as Asteros’ prison. Using Daedalus in combination with the Asteros expansion, players can compete for control over the minotaur in the Labyrinth, or unleash him on the French outpost of Gévaudan.

Armed with magical relics and a savage thirst for violence, Asteros might be the answer your faction has been looking for. Do you think you can control him?

Tannhäuser is a squad based tactical board game set in an alternate timeline in which WWI has never ended. The forces of the Reich have turned to the occult, while the forces of the Union have delved into alien technology and developed deadly weapons of war. Using the revolutionary Path-Finding System, Tannhäuser is quick and easy to play.

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Comments (17)

Drop Bear
Published: 10/1/2010 10:30:39 AM

You know the two best things about this?

1. A bunch of new Tokens to help level off the game for all factions at all stages of player development, also they give the Reich a wider tactical base than "Run foward and go HtH!!"


2. Wolf is Needed for this Campain, meaning their is no way they can get out of not making him a general release, I'd say the only reason they haven't anounced the Wolf Release is bacause they want the excitment to be about Daedalus and Asteros and not Wolf

Published: 9/17/2010 10:44:42 PM

Hmmm... mythical creatures actually being played in the game? Doesn't pique my interest.

Published: 9/16/2010 8:50:00 PM

Definitely looking forward to this.

Published: 9/16/2010 8:51:02 AM

Finally.  Thank you!

Published: 9/16/2010 8:03:34 AM

 Happy to see that FFG is keeping Tannhauser going.

Published: 9/16/2010 5:00:47 AM


hurry up!!!!!!!

Published: 9/15/2010 9:43:32 PM

Nice!  But, wonder when we will actually be able to see it and own it?  Count me in for a Minotaur and a map pack!

Published: 9/15/2010 7:38:25 PM

While it's good to hear that the map pack will be released soon, I was never a fan of the Minotaur design.  Maybe if they went with the Reich themed version, I would pick it up but this awkward cross-genre, wannabe fantasy thing just really doesn't do it for my Uchronic.  Will say the sculpt looks awesome, just wish it was for a different game (course this was likely already in the works from ToY so I'm not faulting FFG for this design mistake).

Colon Calculator
Published: 9/15/2010 2:26:26 PM

Thanks FFG!!! Awesome!!!

Published: 9/15/2010 1:39:32 PM

This is really exciting news.  I can't wait for this release! 

Published: 9/15/2010 1:35:17 PM

I'm really happy about this one, but I hope it comes with a FAQ for the revised rules, cause we're not playing due to so many holes in the rules at the moment.

Still, it's gonna be good to play in other maps.


Published: 9/15/2010 1:18:37 PM

Bring out the beast!!!

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