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A New Reason to Quest 18
A look at Quest Rewards and the Magus in Sacred Pool
Talisman | Published 08 September 2010

Recently, Fantasy Flight Games announced the upcoming Talisman expansion, The Sacred Pool. With this expansion players will be able to add new characters, Adventure cards, and Spell cards to their Talisman games. In addition, The Sacred Pool also introduces some brand new elements to Talisman, such as Neutral Alignment cards, Alternate Endings, and Stable cards. One of the most exciting new additions to the game is the Quest Reward deck. These cards introduce a new reason for players to undertake quests.

Quest Reward cards feature many different benefits for players, and whenever a player completes one of the Warlock’s Quests he may choose to draw a Quest Reward card in lieu of a Talisman. While Talismans are essential to winning the game, Quest Rewards are powerful boons that can potentially help you character throughout the remainder of the game. Also, since previous Talisman expansions feature many new ways to obtain quests, there is now a benefit to completing multiple quests in a single game.

And some quest rewards will prove to be particularly useful for certain characters...

The Magus uses his peons to further his own ends. He is an imposing figure of frightening power and he subjugates all those who feel inferior in his presence. His ability to always have a Spell combined with his potentially devastating psychic combat prowess, the Magus is indeed a deadly force to behold. With the Favor Owed Quest Reward, the Magus can Indoctrinate even more servants, making him a psychic combat machine.

Talisman is a classic board game of adventuring through the lands in search of the powerful Crown of Command. Take control of one of 14 different characters from a powerful Troll to a magical Druid, and enter a beloved world of fantasy adventure!

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Comments (18)

Published: 9/8/2010 12:30:38 PM

Or perhaps he can use this ability only against spirits, demon or eagle king or lord of darkness or ice queen... mh

Only against LoD. 99% of the Spirits is weak, except of Demon. Also there is twice more Enemies, which are using Strength than Enemies, which are using Craft. If this Character is gonna to be playable, it needs possibility to attack using psychic combat. Otherwise, it is very weak and won't be played at all. And his very small amount of Fate also is interesting, Value is taken from Characters, who are fighting in battle, not psychic combat.

Jimsan Ixata Centarus
Published: 9/8/2010 11:49:41 AM

Or perhaps he can use this ability only against spirits, demon or eagle king or lord of darkness or ice queen... mh

Jimsan Ixata Centarus
Published: 9/8/2010 11:46:16 AM

I think they have forgotten to write he can fight in a psychic combat... anyway it's like the gladiator but in lieu to fight in a battle, he can use followers in psychic. I preferred some more strange character in the news, to get my waiting more untolerable :D

Published: 9/8/2010 11:08:58 AM

He kinda looks very overpowered if he can :O

Published: 9/8/2010 10:54:26 AM

That looks like an oversight to me. He should be allowed to attack using Psychic Combat (IMHO)

Published: 9/8/2010 10:31:19 AM

But, the Magus cannot choose to engage in psychic combat with another player, correct?

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