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Gaïa, a supplement for Anima: Beyond Fantasy, is now on sale via download
Anima: Beyond Fantasy RPG | Published 13 July 2010

Why do we forget? Every time I begin to tell this story, our story, that question always comes to mind. Even today, at the dawn of a new millennium, I still have no answer.
We lost everything. In an instant, what was ours was wrested away, submerging us in the darkness of our own ignorance. The details of our history are lost in its immensity, and so we are doomed to repeat them, ignorant of our condition, while the world that we created collapses around us. Is this our punishment? Or our salvation?

Gaïa Volume 1: Beyond the Dreams is now available for download on and! This supplement for the popular RPG Anima: Beyond Fantasy presents a wealth of details on the culture and geography of Gaïa, the vibrant fantasy realm of Anima.

With Gaïa Volume 1: Beyond the Dreams, players can enter the old continent, the heart of a world full of adventures, mysteries, and intrigues waiting to be discovered. Thirty countries and regions are described with geographical details so that the cities and the lifestyle of its inhabitants may be fully experiences. An elaborate full-color map is also included featuring the precise location and current political situation of each of these nations!

Gaïa Volume 1: Beyond the Dreams also features:

  • History: Learn the beginnings of the world of man, with one detailed chronology that states the most important events triggering the present situation of the sacred holy empire.
  • Tales: A compilation of stories that narrate some of the most relevant events of the old continent, where more than three hundred characters and ideas for adventures are presented to give rich life to your games.
  • Religion: Explore the more important myths and beliefs of humanity, from the church of abel to the spiritual traditions of the lillium.
  • Organizations: A perspective of the most relevant organizations of the world, such as the Order of Yehudah, The Consortium, and Requiem.
  • New rules: A set of optional rules to situate your games within gaïa, including the Layers of Samsara, Fame, and Pacts of the Dragon.

Head over to or, and prepare to explore the rich world of Anima in a whole new way!

Set in the fantasy world of Gaïa, Anima: Beyond Fantasy is a critically acclaimed roleplaying game that features a dynamic and flexible system for high adventure and immersive storytelling.

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Comments (2)

Published: 9/24/2010 4:35:12 AM

yeah, the Anima line is very well designed (some heavy ruling sometimes, but custom rules can be made), and of course the art is amazing

Published: 7/13/2010 3:44:29 PM

I can highly recommend this if your looking to pull away from traditional high-fantasy D&D troupes. Reading it has been a blast! I hope FFG keep supporting the line, it could really go places their rpg developers make revisions to the system.

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