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A Warhammer: Invasion Card of the Week
Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game | Published 22 June 2010

Welcome back to the Warhammer: Invasion card of the week. The Burning of Derricksburg Battle Pack will be on shelves early next week, and with Wednesday’s announcement of the upcoming March of the Damned expansion, there’s plenty to talk about.

March of the Damned, releasing this fall, has garnered great enthusiasm from Warhammer: Invasion fans since its announcement. Today, we’ll take a closer look at one of the new keywords coming your way in this exciting expansion pack: Necromancy.

The March of the Damned rules state that Necromancy “allows a unit to be played from the discard pile as though the unit was in its owner’s hand. The unit enters play from the discard pile, and if it is still in play at the end of the turn, it is put on the bottom of its owner’s deck.”

This begs the question, what if the card isn’t still in play at the end of the turn? What if you could ensure that a card with Necromancy will make its way back into your discard pile, from which it can be played all over again? You can, of course, by sacrificing it.

Wight Lords, one of the cards in March of the Damned, would make a great candidate for this “sacrifice and repeat” combo. Every time this formidable unit enters play, you can choose and destroy one of your opponent’s units! As part of a Chaos deck, for example, you could play the Wight Lord (destroying a target unit), use him to attack, then play a card like Offering of Blood to sacrifice him. This would send him back to the discard pile, avoiding the usual necromancy penalty of burying him at the bottom of your deck.

Join us next week when we take a look at a card from The Fall of Karak Grimaz, the second Battle Pack in The Enemy Cycle!

Warhammer: Invasion The Card Game is a card game by Eric M. Lang in which 2 players develop their kingdoms and lay waste to their foes. Each side is comprised of either the forces of Order or the forces of Destruction as they seek to extend their empire to include the entire Old World. The Living Card Game format allows players to customize their gaming experience with monthly Battle Pack expansions to the core game.

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Comments (18)

Published: 6/24/2010 5:00:07 AM


I understand your point, hovewer I think for any non-cooperative game you play your knowledge base should consist the current rulebook and errata if possible. It helps a lot to win a game if you know every single rule, timing etc. ;-)

Published: 6/24/2010 1:30:02 AM

After checking the FAQ rulings about "Out of play" you are right.

However  I would prefer to be able to understand a card effect from the card text itself. In this case I need additional information from the FAQ or the full Necromancy description from the rulebook.

Published: 6/23/2010 4:18:19 AM


no need to be hars here, especially because you are wrong. That would be wasted words ... as abilities work only from play if not stated otherwise.

If you do, put it on the bottom of your deck at the end of turn.

Do you see anything in this sentence about it should work from anywhere except from play ? Me neither. ;-)


Published: 6/23/2010 4:07:52 AM

 @lorien    I guess they couldn't put that due the lack of space in the card.

Published: 6/23/2010 1:42:09 AM

Great, now the Necromancy rule printed on the card is different from what is said about the Necromancy rule in the rulebook:   "if it is still in play " IS important and should be printed on the card.  Another sloppy card wording?

Published: 6/23/2010 1:23:54 AM

This is looking more and more interesting with every card I see. This Wight Lords will be a very usefull card in every Destruction deck. It's really worth waiting!

Published: 6/22/2010 9:41:32 PM

Thanks, I'd found it just after I'd posted my question but thank you for sharing it, Facepalm.  Much apprecaited, kind sir.

Published: 6/22/2010 8:45:50 PM
Published: 6/22/2010 7:02:27 PM

Where have they shown info on Savage??

Published: 6/22/2010 6:50:40 PM

Yet again destruction gets overpowered cards.  I was really hoping to get more powerful order cards but the value of necromancy overshadows that of savage by far.  At this point I'm just going to take all of my order cards and SET THEM ON FIRE!  The only problem is there may be too much dust on my order cards for them to burn.

Published: 6/22/2010 5:56:49 PM

that's a rly nice card :D

Published: 6/22/2010 5:12:32 PM

wow, sacrificing/Necromany combos......the horror oh the horror....or in this case...Hello Daemon Vampire deck.

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