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Announcing The Winds of Magic for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay | Published 08 April 2010

Another of the cryptic shadows hinted at earlier by Grey Wizard Gavius Klugge in our Shifting Through Shadows preview has revealed itself – I’m pleased to announce The Winds of Magic, an upcoming supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

Winds of MagicMagic pervades the Old World, coursing through the Eight Winds. Humans that learn to harness the energy found in the Winds of Magic can become powerful wizards. Or they may succumb to Tzeentch, the Changer of Ways, tempted by his offer of power, knowledge, and mastery of the dark arts.

The Winds of Magic is a valuable resource for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. It provides all players with important background and setting information on the Colleges of Magic, some expanded optional rules and additional tools for wizards to practice their art, dozens of new spells across all eight College Orders, and more suggestions and guidance for playing wizard characters.

For the GM, The Winds of Magic also introduces the Ruinous Power Tzeentch, his daemonic minions, and insights into the Great Conspirator’s fiendish schemes. New rules for corruption and mutation expose the characters to greater risks over the course of their adventures. Finally, The Winds of Magic includes a complete adventure for GMs to challenge their players with a dangerous plot unfolding in the heart of the Empire.

Winds of change are coming. Will you control them – or will they control you?

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is a roleplaying game that sets unlikely heroes on the road to perilous adventure, in the grim setting of Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy world. Players will venture into the dark corners of the Empire, guided by luck and Fate, and challenge the threats that others cannot or will not face.

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Published: 4/11/2010 6:11:22 AM

He's just not that into you.

Published: 4/11/2010 3:30:23 AM

 I would LIKE to play some 3ed aspects, but since my gaming group consists of 7 players (one of which is a VERY well RP'ed halfling) I do not have the necessary materials/cards etc to switch the game to 3 ed from 2 ed... I even tried a mid stream introduction of the dice mechanics, but lacking enough dice, I just could not pull it off smoothly enough for my group... and just WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too many screwups and holes for players to adjuest to... and from a GM aspect: WAAAY too many holes in the basic rules, and frankly the layout of the rules were put together by a retarded one armed monkey on Krak... W T F... if you are going to screw thigs up that far, at least provide a frakkin index to try to help people (noobs or otherwise) navigate the confusing clusterfu** of a rule book that was put out...  

I am not a "collector", I am not a "player"... though my players have voiced a non interest in changing things... I am a GM.  There are aspects I like, and aspects for which I would freely winch the creators for screwing up so badly on the concept

I HAVE bought a copy... but sadly, I cannot use it... the base set is only abour 25% complete, and there are simply not enough cards and such to run a game with a  GM plus 4-7 players to start up, let alone play to fruition...





Published: 4/10/2010 11:43:50 AM

 Finally a Magic Add-On. I hope to get it, before my players need to chose their third career. I'm also thrilled about the new spells and the missing five schools of magic.

BTW: If you own a copy of this game, but haven't played it yet: Do it! Do it now!

The 3rd edition is great for gameplay. I know the arguments about custom dice, cards and token. But try to play a game. My local group has played now three full sessions with it and are totally thrilled, even the sceptic ones. 

Published: 4/10/2010 6:19:30 AM

Could this difference in opinion about 3rd ed relate to the intentions of the purchaser? Collectors may not like the new version because so far it hasn't provided much new info on the Warhammer World, whereas Players like the new version because the mechanics work well during play. This is of course a very general assumption, but it may hold some truth...

Published: 4/10/2010 1:27:54 AM

The best way to ensure that nothing ever changes is to hold your silence...

Hence the reason some of us "trolls" feel free to express our opinions about the "new" game... in hopes that the PTBs out there take notice... 

I am one of the fortunate few who has "disposable" income, so I did in fact purchase the $150 box set... that is about what the cost is up here in the North after taxes... no wonder the gaming stores that brought in copies of it still have most of them sitting on the shelves gathering dust... Hell, I was able to get the 2Ed core book and first 2 HARDCOVER expansions for about the same cost when it came out... and they contained much more info then the "core" of 3ed.

I hated the change when I saw it coming, and I still dislike what I see.  However, I felt that if I were to continue to voice my discontent, I needed to at least get to know exactly what and why I disliked it beyond the description in these previews.  Now, having read through the books, repeatedly, I still dislike it strongly, hate many aspects of it, and want to incorporate other aspects of it into my 2ed game because there are in fact some aspects thyat are damn good ideas...

Putting out supplements and expansions keeps the gravy flowing for FFG, but frankly, until they correct the flaws from the basics, I will not be spending more money on this... but I will continue to voice my opinions... as long as they do not get "mysteriously deleted" like my post from yesterday...

Published: 4/9/2010 10:15:42 PM

I'm glad everybody is freely voicing their opinions about 3rd edition, this is definately the most hotly debated edition change of any game I have seen. Personally I love the new edition, but hey I loved both the previous editions as well. 3rd edition however is new and inventive. I feels like I'm learning how to game all over again. I'm concentrating more on getting it right rather than just learning a few basics and jumping in; and the innovtive way it handles character creation and advancement is simply a treat. Like when I first switch from D&D to White Wolf. The depth you can add to your character and have that uniqueness reflected in game play is phenomenal. As a player I always put thought and creativity into my characters even when I was playing D&D, but with D&D you were severely limited in how you could bring that detail into play except for the slight bit of role-playing the other players might let you slip in.

I can see some of the issues people are having with the change however, it is a drastically different game systemically and it has taken many steps back from what other editions offered in their core books. But I guess for me those changes are just a breath of fresh air, and the steps back to me seem to give the game a sense of focus and vitality it never had before. By concentrating the game into this small corner of the world, FFG has given me more room to maneuver, room I didn't even know I had.   

Published: 4/9/2010 6:19:30 PM

@ superklaus:

So I imagine that the WHFRP2E magic supplement was also a "ridiculous ripoff" to you, as it contained no rules for Bretonnian magic (not even the Bretonnia supplement had that, in fact it flat out disallowed Damsels as PCs), Ice Magic (had to buy the Kislevite supplement for that), or Elven, Dark, or Orc magic (since they didn't include careers/rules for Qaysh, Dhar, or Waaagh! either, just fluff)? It must be very disappointing to you that several incarnations of the game across multiple publishers have been taking advantage of you for so long.


Yes you are right, I was disappointed with the 2nd ed. magic supplement too. I considered it also as ripoff. I think there is no reason not to include every type of magic which was mentioned in my below list in such a supplement, like other roleplaying games do it as standard (look at pathfinder, which included 90% of the the available magic in the basic book, and we speak here from many HUNDREDS of spells and not just a few magic orders)   I am no pathfinder fan rulewise but these guys do this topic right, while FFG does it wrong.

The focus of 3E is on the Empire. Every other release of the WHFRPG has started off on the same premise. People need to get over it and be patient.

And why should I be patient or get over it? There is no reason for this. It is IMO a wrong decision NOT to define more nations than the fracking and boring old empire in each and every new edition. As a player since the first edition I am TIRED from this same approach again and again. I say we need more parts of the world to support our roleplaying games. And we need it not in 5 years. We need a theoretical concept NOW and some descriptions and non-empire adventure ideas NOW.  (or at least something in the 2010 pipeline) If FFG would have such a concept I would be patient, then it would make sense.

But as it is now we get after half a year of release in some further months a little magic box with a handful imperial mage orders for another $30+. A box with content which should have been already in the basic box.

I really dont care about the game system of 3rd edition. Too fiddly for my style of play. But what I do care is the fluff boost  the new edition should IMO bring to players. But up to now and this "glorious" magic box show this trend, there is no sign that anything like innovative fluff stuff like Ulthuan, Orcbox or Tilea is ever happening. Only old repetitive empire.

Then after a few years next edition comes and the cicle begins again. (and next time you will have monthly booster packs with cards for each single magic order or half a dozen new character classes for an "advantage price of only $9,90") I call this ripoff, if you call it chocolade, then you will possibly buy any box with small content FFG sells for a proud price.


Published: 4/9/2010 6:05:46 PM

I'll never understand why people who don't like a product waste their own time, and everyone elses, whining about it on message boards.  If you don't like something - avoid it.  It never ceases to amaze me that, for all the years the word 'trolling' has been in use, people still seem to not realize when they're doing it.

Anyway, I'm happy to see a spell expansion coming out.  The amount of magic provided in the boxed set really wasn't playable, so I'm hoping (as others have said) this provides better options for casters of all races.  I like the sound of it so far!

Thanks for the update!


Published: 4/9/2010 5:18:01 PM

Well said Chernobyl.... sums up my feelings about this game in one neat package.

Published: 4/9/2010 4:47:05 PM

Scimon: I was being sarcastic.  I definately do not like custom dice and cards in my RPG.  I won't ever be playing this incarmation of WFRP.

I have to laugh at the bullet points they use to describe their product -

•4 comprehensive rule books provide all the knowledge you will need on the Old World

so you'll never ever ever NEED to purchase another WFRP expansion box set from us

•Over 30 Custom Dice give you unprecedented options for story-telling

because what every gamer wants is dice they can only use with ONE game...and make sure they get a sack full of them!  And it may not be enough, so we'll sell more separately!

•Party sheets provide new skills and abilities to keep everyone engaged

what? you mean you can't decide how to interact with other players on your own?

•30 different careers and 4 different races offer a multitude of character options

That's right!  nearly 75% FEWER careers than the old version of the game!  Because who wants to be a Bone Picker!  And yes, THESE Elves are different from THOSE Elves!

•More than 300 cards keep you in the game, no need to look up skills or abilities

Yep, just sort through these 300 cards instead!

•Three character keepers designed to hold everything your hero will need each session

yeah, who needs a sheet of paper when a little paper box wtih stuff in it fits so much better in your backpack.

Published: 4/9/2010 2:34:03 PM

The posts were definitely deleted. If there had been a database problem actually all post had disappaered not only ours.

Published: 4/9/2010 2:06:05 PM

Dvang: they were not edited, they were deleted... my question is where went the disgruntled posts that were there yesterday then if FFG or Moderators did not them (they were profanity free so no reason for a deletion I could see)? Did the FSM just reach down with his noodly appendage and wipe them from here?  They were here yesterday, and then they were not... Maybe they have started a new "good things only" posting rule... 

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