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Ascend Your Character 9
A downloadable character sheet for Ascension
Dark Heresy | Published 06 April 2010

+++Incoming Astropathic Transmission+++

Greetings, Dark Heresy fans!

One thing that I really enjoy about my position at Fantasy Flight Games is how everything comes together to create a great product like Ascension. I would particularly like to single out the Editors, Playtesters, and Proofreaders that make our books (and especially Ascension) so great. It’s thanks to them that we’ve had some great successes.

On Ascension, I would like to take this opportunity to give a “shout-out” to Leigh Anne Gross, our trusty editor; Jay Little, Thaadd Powell, James Savage and Paul Tucker, mighty proofreaders all; and the host of playtesting groups (six in total) who all contributed to Ascension’s triumph. Thanks to all of you!

 Ascension Character Sheet

Even with all the help I mentioned above, no great undertaking ever turns out exactly perfect. In this case, one of the goofs that crept into the book involves the character sheet at the back. Please enjoy the fully corrected Ascension character sheet now available for download on our Dark Heresy support page.

Ascension Character Sheet (PDF, 577 KB)

The Next Step

Next week, I have a special fan-made player handout for the Ascension adventure “The Red Wake.” Until then, may the light of the Golden Throne guide your path!

Dark Heresy is a roleplaying game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, a setting in the grim darkness of the far future. Players take on the roles of Acolytes serving the Inquisition, rooting out heresy and corruption from within the galaxy-spanning Imperium of Man.

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Comments (9)

Published: 5/6/2010 1:50:59 PM

i love having the character sheets but is there any way to get a printer friendly version

Published: 4/12/2010 12:56:52 AM

Ascension needs an errata already. I was stating up an Inquisitor and I noticed the Rank 9 advances lists the Rival talent at 700xp, later ranks list it at negative values mostly, though their is another that lists at a positive value again. To me the positive values seem wrong for a negative talent. Haven't looked at the other carears yet. Only got the book last week.

Published: 4/7/2010 2:01:03 PM

Nice!  Like this character sheet better than the standard DH one... will be using from now on. 

Konrad von Marburg
Published: 4/7/2010 1:10:13 AM

You hired proofreaders? I never would have known.

Published: 4/6/2010 4:42:18 PM

Thank you. My copy of Ascension will appreciate not having to get squished in the copy machine again.

Published: 4/6/2010 4:00:04 PM

 PS - nice character sheet ffg btw!

Published: 4/6/2010 3:59:42 PM

Lupus: Re 'Missile Weapon': 'missile' generally refers to anything which is flying through the air at high velocity (but not flying, so a bird or a plane is not a missile). Usually, either things which are thrown, or the standard military rocket application, i.e. if I threw some dice at my players, the dice would be 'missiles', just as much as if I got in my aircraft and shot a cruise missile their way (they sometimes deserve this). And technically a bullet becomes a missile once it has been shot out of a gun (but before it hits something), so that works. But since you have 'ballistic skill', then you'd think 'ballistic weapons' would work? Although technically here lasers wouldn't be ballistic weapons because, being unaffected by gravity (well, except in a general relativistic sense, but I suspect Einstein would be called a heretic in this universe) they don't follow a ballistic trajectory, which is what defines a ballistic weapon. While I *suppose* you could refer to the photons they shoot as 'missiles'.

OK, so that answer was way too long...

Lupus Cortez
Published: 4/6/2010 3:36:29 PM

 missile weapon?! ^^

i am not a native english speaker but aren't missiles some kind of rockets?

Published: 4/6/2010 2:43:13 PM

Nice one, thanks FFG this is very usefull.

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