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Announcing The Lurker at the Threshold - an expansion for Arkham Horror
Arkham Horror | Published 15 February 2010

Through the murky streets of Arkham, unnatural gates are opening to connect our world with strange other dimensions. Out of the depths of these eldritch pathways have begun to crawl profane creatures that even now haunt the innocent, dragging away the unwary and causing havoc on silent midnight streets. At the epicenter of this living nightmare roil whispers of arcane magic cults, ancient family secrets, and a truth too terrible to behold. Join as one of a team of intrepid investigators committed to rooting out these otherworldly portals before an ancient evil reawakens, bringing its ancient horror back to destroy the world as we know it. Welcome to the horror of 1920's Arkham, Massachusetts!

The Lurker at the Threshold is the newest boxed expansion set for Arkham Horror, the classic cooperative board game for 1-8 players, set in a world of gothic horror created by author H. P. Lovecraft. This expansion will bring new levels of dread to your table top, with the addition of a brand new Herald Sheet for "The Lurker at the Threshold" – a powerful and malevolent being that has appeared to prepare the way for the Ancient One, plus more than 200 components and some extraordinary new game mechanics to boot.

One of the highlights is the full set of 18 Gate markers that are designed to replace those from the Arkham Horror core set, as well as those from The Dunwich Horror and The Kingsport Horror. They are treated exactly the same as the previous Gate markers, except that each Gate now has an additional characteristic. For example, the "Gate of Madness" will cause an investigator to lose one Sanity when they fail to close the Gate, and a "Moving Gate" that can move along with monsters during the Mythos phase.
Brand new to The Lurker at the Threshold are Relationship Cards for use in games with two or more players. Each player draws one Relationship Card at the start of the game, which describes some advantage gained due to how the investigator to your left is related to you. Perhaps you are business associates and mutually reap the benefits of income, or both are Students of the Arcane and gain more frequent access to the Spell deck. No matter how you're related, these will bring a more interesting back-story to your game, involving your characters in more interesting ways than ever before.
Finally, The Lurker at the Threshold introduces the Dark Pact deck which will tempt foolish investigators to enter into a terrible arrangement with the Lurker itself. Although these Dark Pacts may grant your investigator enhanced abilities, there is sure to be a cost. What happens when the price too high?
Of course with over 100 new Location cards, Mythos, Gate cards and Spells, plus more Common and Unique Items, The Lurker at the Threshold will enhance and expand the enjoyment of Arkham Horror for players of all skill levels, and is coming Spring 2010.
Arkham Horror is a board game of mystery and madness set in Arkham, Massachusetts in the 1920's. Players investigate the strange happenings about the town and race to prevent ancient evil from surfacing. Playable with 1-8 players.
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Comments (46)

Published: 2/15/2010 8:21:50 PM


Published: 2/15/2010 8:18:33 PM

 @ Dreamless

Heh...  I don't even use explored markers (or have players I teach the game use them).  Everyone can remember when they spent time in OWs, there doesn't seem much of a point having the extra hassle of placing the markers on the board.

Published: 2/15/2010 7:41:12 PM

 Whoot, FFG hasn't forgotten about us after all!

Published: 2/15/2010 7:23:12 PM

You know what would be a great tiny addition to one of the future expansions (seeing as how this one is probably already in the can and on the press).  A couple of extra 'gate exploration' markers.  The three that came with the base set is fine for most games, but sometimes having a couple more would be nice.

Published: 2/15/2010 7:21:28 PM

I imagine the moving gates will work similarly to the rifts on the Kingsport board.  Making sealing them once they move away from a location into the streets less beneficial than sealing them in a location ( unless they add some mythos cards that open gates in street areas ).

Published: 2/15/2010 6:52:35 PM

Sons of Seth, run for your lives! -evil laughter-

Published: 2/15/2010 6:29:31 PM

 I'm really curious what that double gate is.  Heh...  Fun :')

Published: 2/15/2010 6:26:30 PM

Wheeee!  More more more more more!

::Laughter:: I'm interested in seeing how they're going to manage a moving gate, are we now going to see sealed streets?

No new monsters though ;.(

Published: 2/15/2010 6:09:59 PM

 My thoughts precisely Blark! 

I know that I will be making many pacts with the Lurkers, the consequences be damned!

Published: 2/15/2010 6:06:50 PM

I can't wait to see more about that gate mechanic, as well as the relationship cards.

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