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The 2009 Dark Heresy Scenario Contest Finalists are announced
Dark Heresy | Published 21 December 2009

+++Incoming Astropathic Transmission+++

Greetings, Dark Heresy Fans!

This week, I am pleased to present to you the three finalists for the 2009 Dark Heresy Competition! There were a lot of entries to choose from, and I am glad to say even more than last year. It was not easy to select the finalists from the great entries that were sent in! I’m quite thrilled to see all the creativity and enthusiasm for the Dark Heresy game line (and the Radical side of the Inquisition, of course) from the fans. Keep up the great work, guys!
These adventures have all been critiqued and judged by a panel made up of the most trusted Dark Heresy playtest groups, and I want to take a moment to thank them for helping to make this contest a success.

*Maestro, if you will cue the music and the spotlight*

Finalist #1
The Brutal Lament by Ben Rogers

The Brutal Lament is an adventure full of surprises and interesting twists that lead up to a climactic confrontation. The judges enjoyed Ben’s complex non-player characters and background for the adventure, plus all the evocative artwork and the interesting “down and dirty” setting of an Imperial Hive.

Ben’s scenario overview is as follows:
The Acolytes are guests of a retired senior acolyte on the hive world of Archaos. While guests in his home he throws a party for various social luminaries at the height of which he regales the guests with a tour of his gallery. Taking pride of place within the exhibition is an apparently nefarious tome. The book, their host explains, is an inaccurate copy of the "Liber Horribilus", a heretical tome entrusted into his care by his old master.

Download The Brutal Lament by Benjamin John Rogers (PDF, 460kb)

Finalist #2
Silence of the Void by Christian Wodke

Silence of the Void is a deep and complex adventure that combines investigation, bloody combat, and bone-chilling horror—all of which is natural when the Tyrantine Cabal is involved! The Judges were impressed by the story and the links into the Calixis Sector. The Judges also mentioned that this adventure would make a good start to an entire campaign.

Christian’s adventure synopsis gives too much away to reveal here, but I will include a teaser that should give you an idea of why it was a finalist:
“Chaos is just a reflection of human nature. You can’t destroy it … but you can bend it to your will and use it to crush the enemies of humanity.“
–Inquisitor Berek Vormius, Xanthite, Ordo Malleus
(declared Excommunicate Haereticus and executed in 238.M40) 

Hidden in the depths of outer space, the dark shadow of the Tetragon Facility awaits; an ancient imperial space station used by the Tyrantine Cabal as a research and monitoring base.

Download Silence of the Void by Christian Wodke (PDF, 1.2 MB) 

Finalist #3
The Glass Assassin by Martin Norris

The Glass Assassin, in addition to possessing a great title, also contains some great villains and an epic story that involves many of the movers and shakers on Scintilla. The Judges really liked the well-crafted maps and handouts for this adventure and felt that the overall flavour and texture of the adventure was exceptional and hungry for more!

Martin’s adventure synopsis begins as follows:
On Scintilla, Hive Tarsus dominates trade offworld and generates large tithes for the Imperium. Traditionally each decade, Lucius, the Lord of Tarsus makes a Progress as he travels the desert in a Leviathan vehicle, collecting the Emperor's tribute and fealty from the lesser habitations throughout his domain. Inquisitor Markus Moncrieff is on the trail of a dangerous cult that has infiltrated the court. He is seriously injured and the Acolytes are enlisted to support his effort.

Download The Glass Assassin by Martin Norris (PDF, 1.2 MB)

Congratulations to all three of our finalists! Stay tuned to find out which of these three adventures will be crowned the winner of the 2009 Dark Heresy Adventure Contest. I will announce the winner on December 22, so keep a close eye on the Fantasy Flight Games website. The winner will recieve a signed copy of the new sourcebook for Dark Heresy, chock-full of Radical material for your campaign, The Radical's Handbook.

Be sure to stop by the Support section of the Dark Heresy site to download these scenarios if you haven't already. Next, stop by the Scenario contest thread over at the Dark Heresy forums and share your thoughts on this year's entries with other fans.

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Comments (3)

Published: 12/22/2009 3:39:30 AM

All the best for you guys too, Ben and Christian.

Thanks for your entries.

I'll definitely be using your stuff in my game.


Published: 12/21/2009 6:40:21 PM

 Congrats finalists!

Nerd King
Published: 12/21/2009 3:31:22 PM

Woo! I can't believe I made the final three. :) All the best to Christian & Martin.

Looking forward to hearing the results tomorrow.

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